Congrats! 5 Clear-As-DAY Signs You've Found 'The One'

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the one

Dating can be confusing, especially after a failed relationship or divorceIt's human nature to have a tendency to get nervous and obsess about getting into the right relationship, especially after experiencing heartache.

Seriously, who could blame you? Breakups are painful, even if you are the person who instigated them. 

So how do you know when you are in the "right" relationship? I mean, you could be dating a wonderful person now, but that does not guarantee anything.

As a matter of fact, it might even be you who is second guessing! After the honeymoon period has passed, how can you still be sure that your partner is right for you?

Here are 5 signs that you found "the one":

1. You can act crazy without being told that "you're crazy." 


Remember that time that you vented your heart out to your partner through a string of text messages because your boss was like this and your co-workers did that?

Instead of just ignoring you and calling you "crazy", he told you that everything will work out fine. If your significant other can do this for you straight out without breaking a sweat, you have yourself a keeper.

2. Your partner has your family and friends' support. 

Your friends and family are like your front seat fans during the run-through of your life. There are no other people out there that know you better.

Think about it: they were there during your messy breakup, so they know you well and can often see things more clearly than you can. If they've met your significant other and agree with your choice, it's a great sign!

3. You can say what you want — even negative things — without feeling guilty about it.


If your significant other upsets you, you can tell her about it and she will take the feedback without serious emotions. It's a sign that she has emotional intelligence and understands that effective communication is key to a happy relationship.

It means that you don't have to keep it canned until you burst! You know that you can tell your partner anything and she will not judge you for doing so. She listens, tries to understand, and tries to talk things over.

4. Your partner is not afraid to admit a mistake and say that they're sorry.

When your partner commits a blunder, instead of being grumpy and not talking to you about it, he does a complete 180, admits his mistake, and says sorry.

A person who can admit their mistakes and apologize is worth keeping! This is all a part of fighting fair and growing together.

5. You know your significant other is staying put. 


It can be based on what she had said or the actions she has shown you, but it all translates the same — your partner is here to stay.

You may have gone through some rough patches but you still managed to make it work and to stay together. Your partner has seen your best and worst, and still loves and accepts every part of you.

Actions speak louder than words, so if your new beau shows you he is "the one", he might just be that!