How To Thrive Through Unthinkable Heartache

How To Thrive Through Unthinkable Heartache [EXPERT]

5 lessons I learned about life from my husband's tragic passing.

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What I hate most about April 15 isn't Tax Day. Rather, it's the memory of what happened on that day in 2003. My husband was on our roof checking the gutters when he slipped on his way down the ladder. Quite literally, he was gone before I could say goodbye.

That day, life dealt me a knock-down blow. We've all had them: if you were given an unexpected pink slip, if your lover left without a backward glance, if your trip to the doctor delivered bad news or if your child was cruelly bullied at school. In these moments,

Finding reasons to hope are the handholds that put us back on our feet, help us see bright possibilities in the world and, once more, believe that life can be good.

1. Love with abandon. Silly me, I used to think if I held back some of my love from Terry, it wouldn't hurt so much if something happened to him. Then, I lost him and guess how wrong I was! It hurt so much more. 5 Tips To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

Since then I've learned to love, no holds barred. This love is not just reserved for my family. I look for every possible way to share a kind word, a sincere compliment or a loving offer of help.

The next time you express love freely, notice how it feels. It's impossible to feel sad when telling the grocer how great his vegetable display looks. Believe it or not, these little islands of hope bring color to the saddest times.

2. Plan something to look forward to. When was the last time you added something new to your bucket list? Not too long ago, our local newspaper reported about the birthday of a local woman who is 104! For her birthday, she whooped it up with a local Harley Motorcycle Club. They drove their bikes right into her care center. Next year, she wants to go up in a helicopter.

If she can dream big, why can't we? I want to see the night sky where the stars are the brightest and it is easy to find shooting stars to wish on. How about you?

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