7 Messages From Heaven That Prove You Are Good Enough Just The Way You Are

The good news is that you are good enough, just the way you are.

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What is your image of heaven? Everyone has different images of the holy, whether you imagine it as an ethereal place or a state of being.

All religions point to something greater and you interpret this in your way. People name this power as God, Creator, Allah, Higher Power, and others.

There's incredible wisdom that resides in this divine energy. The good news is that it resides in you and you are good enough.


Here 7 messages from heaven that prove that you are good enough, just the way you are. 

1. You are created in the image of a higher power. 

In Judaism and Christianity, the Hebrew and Christian scriptures talk about how you are created in the image of God. Meaning you have worth just for being you.   

You have the capacity to connect with the divine, whether that be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, every part of you has great value and worth.  

Every aspect of you has the divine and humanity within you. 

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2. You have the Spirit within you. 

You have the Spirit within you and can access this part of you, any time. You just need to slow down and pay attention to the firm, gentle, and quiet voice within you.

The Spirit is constantly reminding you that you are perfectly imperfect. You are flawed because you are human.

It's your flaws that make you unique. It's your imperfections that help you to love others. No one wants to hang out with a perfect person. You are good enough.

The divine within you will keep reminding you of your purpose here on earth. The Spirit will encourage and challenge you to be your best. 

If you hear a condemning voice, this is the voice of your inner critic, not the voice of heaven.


3. You are meant to be human.

Part of being human is that you are not perfect. To grow, you need space to play, allow for mistakes, and be open to surprises. 

Remember, some of the greatest inventions have happened by accident.

4. There's nothing wrong with you.

You that you are perfectly made. You are weaved together in the womb of your mother perfectly. You do not need to be fixed.

The Spirit is here to help you peel off all the armor you have put up around yourself to keep you safe.   

No higher power wants you to judge yourself for having to put up this armor. You and everyone else needed the ego to keep you safe during the early years of life.


Remember, you are good enough.

Your goal now is to allow the amazing you to break through the armor that's now holding you back.

5. You are loved by the holy, just the way you are.

Unconditional love is hard to comprehend because it's rare to experience. Yet, God can love everything that He made.

You are a reflection of the holy. You have the capacity for love, generosity, kindness, wisdom, and play, even if you're blind to your own worthiness.

When you embrace unconditional love from the higher powers, you can show that kind of love to yourself and those around you. Do not forget that you are good enough.

Sharing this kind of love with the world is lifelong work. Your job is to get up every day and do your best, with the help of the divine, to love everyone you meet.


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6. You have gifts to share with the world. 

The good news is that you have gifts to share with the world. Everyone has skills to share! You may be like many who find it difficult to name their gifts and skills.

Notice who the people are that inspire you. What are your passions? 

If you could pick three things that most concern you, what are they? Then find ways to be part of the solution. If something is important to God, the universe will show you the way.

You are important and you have the ability to show up the best way you can every day. The only one who punishes you is often yourself. 


If you hear an angry vengeful voice, this is probably your inner critic speaking.

7. Your job is to show up in the best way you can each day.

You are human and this means you're not perfect. Throughout life, you are faced with many different situations. The difference between a good decision and a bad one can be subtle.

Sometimes, you will not make the best decision, but then you will learn from the experience.

Your job is to turn up in the best way you can every day. The good news is that you don't need to be perfect because you are good enough.

If you do this every day, you and the whole created order will be a little better.

You receive messages from heaven all the time — and they say that you are good enough. 


Most of them arise from within you.

If you want to pay better attention to this part of you, you will benefit from finding practices that help you get in touch with the sensations of your body, the emotions of your heart, and quieting your mind.

You will benefit from participating in spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, yoga, Tai chi, walking, painting, or ceramics. Find something that works for you.

The more you ground yourself, the more you will notice the voice of the Divine speaking to you and through friends, family, and strangers every day.  

You will have no doubt that you are good enough.

Remember, you do not have to go far to hear the messages from heaven because heaven is already within you.


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