Years in Practice

3-5 years


Yorkton SK S3N 1A6 - Canada


BA, Church, Other

Additional Expertise

Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

As your Coach I am here to help you to unlock your internal wisdom. Through the personality tool called the Enneagram we learn skills to help you to live in the present, no longer living in the fear of the past or future. Through deep questions I invite you to go within helping you to discover what you desire in your life. Through encouragement I challenge you to live more authentically.

About Roland Legge

I consider myself to be a complex human being--just like my clients.  Too often we only reveal small parts of who we are. I am continually learning to show more of my true-self and in doing so help my clients to reveal their true self.

I am lifelong learner. Wherever I have lived I have been involved in the life and work of the United Church, serving in congregations, various committees and community organizations. These organizations focus on issues such as HIV/AIDS education and prevention, community development, the prevention of domestic violence, youth opportunities and suicide prevention. 

In recent years I have studied the personality modality called the Enneagram through the Enneagram Institute, one of the most respected Enneagram schools in the world.  It has been one of the most exciting times in my life. I have learned much about my self and, even more importantly, I have learned to get beyond behaviors that no longer serve me.

In the fall of 2016 I enrolled in the Deep Coaching Institute that trains people for individual, couple and corporate coaching using the Deep Coaching model.  This method of coaching invites people to become more self-aware, becoming conscious of our destructive patterns that no longer serve us, learning new ways of being and practicing self-compassion. I became aware of this school through my own coach who has helped me to transform my life in way that no other therapist has been able to do.

I seek to encourage people on their life journey--opening them up to their own internal wisdom that takes them to places that that they never dreamed  could go.

The wonder of this method is that it works regardless of the client's spiritual, religious, agnostic, atheist or humanist background. It doesn't matter what your ethnic background is. It is a tool that brings transformation to any person who seeks to find greater hope, purpose and joy in life.

I bring my growing ability to be present as I seek to help others find the truth within themselves.  I honor the story of every person.  Watching a client grow in self-awareness, strength and confidence is such a privilege.

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