How To Start A Daily Habit Of Talking To God

Anyone can talk to God, and you can do it anytime and anywhere.

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Learning how to talk to God can help you be your best self. But before you go any further, it's important to reflect on who God is for you.

God is the energy and spirit that connects us to everything animate and inanimate on Earth.

God speaks through each of us, even you!

No religion or belief system knows everything about God because God will always remain mysterious and surprising. Talking to God should open you up and not close you down.


Once you have a sense of who and what God is, you can begin to build a practice of talking to God every day.

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Find ways to talk with God that work for you.

First, how do you want to talk with God? There's no wrong or right way to speak with God. You can connect to God in many ways.

If you're part of a faith tradition, you might want to speak to your religious leader to find out more about your spiritual practices and rituals.

Most importantly, find a spiritual practice that will inspire and encourage you. It may feel forced and awkward, at first.


Over time, it will start to feel as important as eating. You will notice the difference when you do not do it.

Here are 15 ways to incorporate talking to God into your spiritual practices every day.

1. Schedule it.

Choose the best time of day for you to make it happen and try to keep to your new routine.

2. Create a safe space.

Find a place to practice where you will not be disturbed.

If you can't have privacy, let those around you know what you are doing and ask them to give you the space you need.

3. Choose a practice that helps you stay focused.

You might find a visualization works best for you, or maybe you respond better to a voice.

Do you enjoy the silence or does music help you to stay centered?


4. Keep calm.

If you find it hard to stay still, you might find going through a labyrinth or going on a walk helps to keep your body calm and your mind quiet.

5. Meditate.

Many people find guided meditations helpful.

One of the best apps available for Android and IOS is called Insight Timer. There's a free and paid version.

6. Pray with a friend.

Do you like to pray with others? If this works for you, find a person to do this with you every day.

Since we are in Covid times, you can do this over the phone or any audio-video platform.

7. Find someone who will hold you accountable.

Even if you pray on your own, find a person to help you stay accountable to yourself and God.


8. Build up your practice.

When you start the practice, start with shorter prayer times and then gradually build up over time.

9. Write in a journal.

You might want to include journaling or expressive artwork as part of your prayer time.

10. Create a sacred space in your home.

Make it comfortable and visually pleasing.

You might find it helpful to light a candle or candles every time you pray.

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11. Add incense.

If you enjoy incense, you might find the scent a powerful way to help you enter prayer.

12. Try essential oils.

Essential oils can also enhance the prayer experience.


Find a person who knows about the power of essential oils to help you choose scents that will work for you.

13. Try different practices.

Don't be afraid to try different practices until you find one that works well for you.

14. Open your heart.

Come to this time with an open heart.


If someone is trying to force you into doing something out of fear, find a different person to help you.

15. Don't beat yourself up if you forget.

Remember, God is not here to punish you but to encourage you and challenge you to be the person God made you be.

It is not the end of the world if you miss a day, but do not allow yourself to get out of the habit.

Be patient with yourself as you build your practice of talking to God.

Keep it fresh. Notice when it is time for you to start something new.

If insights, sensations, and feelings come up for you that do not make sense and trouble you, find a religious leader, spiritual director, coach, or counselor to help you understand how God is speaking to you.


Enjoy the journey and know it will take you to unique places you never dreamed of going.

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