4 Ways To Grow Spiritually Closer To God While Social Distancing From Others

Growing closer to God means giving him your full attention away from social distraction.

4 Ways To Grow Spiritually Closer To God While Social Distancing From Others Natalie via @pexels

What does it mean to grow spiritually while social distancing? Growing spiritually while social distancing means building a relationship with God.

Why should you grow spiritually closer to God while social distancing from others?

Similar to your family and friends, God wants an invitation to be a part of your life.

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People go to church to grow closer to God, but He is everywhere, not just in a building, so when you're socially distant it's easy to find him.

Going to church is recommended when we pursue God, but we also learn that we as people are the church. Wherever we go we are supposed to be an emblem of God’s love and forgiveness.

Through His word and biblical history, we stay communicated with God. Along with parables, Jesus Christ, the Cross, teaching, and his voice, our relationship is built on these fundamental units.

The Holy Spirit is essential, we as humans, need to be guided through life. That means we sacrifice any doubts, worry, or concerns, and trust His light at the end of the tunnel.


Having a relationship with God doesn’t mean our lives will get easier. It’s simple but it can have seasons of hardship where we least expect it. God promises that if we ask Him to be in our hearts, He will hear it and come.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and open the door, I will come to him and eat with him, and he with me,” —Revelation 3:30

Reading God’s word is the gateway to a closer relationship with Him. Don’t try so hard to find the highest hill for aesthetic pleasure.

We all search for the perfect place in nature to grow closer to God, but without reading the word, we’re still bare and naked.


When we chase after a relationship with God, He offers spiritual gifts for us to carry. Some gifts include the gift of evangelism, prophecies, speaking in tongues, an excessive amount of faith, or word of knowledge.

These gifts are the sword and shield we’re provided with to withstand greater battles that He has set before us.

When it comes to trying to start a relationship with God, the first thing we should do is step away from social media or other social interactions.

I’m not saying you have to go MIA on your friends and family, but to hear God you need to step away from all the ruckus in your life.

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Personally, getting away from my busy life meant going to get a cup of coffee and reading his word. One of the books that inspired me to grow a relationship with God is ‘Own The Moment,’ by Carl Lentz.

It not easy opening up the Bible and trying to translate ancient language by the KJV. I recommend finding a translation that works for you, so you can understand the message that’s trying to be conveyed.

Go to a room in your home where you are most comfortable in and take a journey of finding who you are in Jesus Christ.

Our identity is the most treasured thing we can have, and through God, we are able to know our worth in Him.

Here are some steps that will guide you to grow a relationship with God at home while social distancing from others.

1. Touch base with God while social distancing.

We can always show gratitude to God from the comfort of our home. Giving thanks to Him every day helps you acknowledge that He’s the ultimate provider.


He can give just as easily as He can take away. Even when you don’t know what to say to Him, just start counting your blessings.

This includes family, friends, clean oxygen to breathe, a vehicle, and of course… toilet paper!

The first thing I try to do every morning and every night and give thanks. Saying it out loud helps me believe that my message is being heard.

Once that’s complete, it feels like I can leave my apartment with so much support that God has blessed me with.

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2. Talk to Him out loud when you're social distancing from others.

Yes, if someone saw you talking to yourself then they may be concerned. Have in mind, you’re on a mission to get closer to God, so someone’s opinion shouldn’t matter.


Whether you’re driving on the highway, bringing in your groceries, or simply going for a nature walk, talking to God out loud feels refreshing.

You wouldn’t talk to family and friends in your head, right? Exactly, you should always talk to God as if he’s walking on that nature trail right alongside us.

Whether it’s talking about your day, how you feel, or what your future goals, God is always in the midst.

The more you involve God in your daily conversations, the more inviting He will feel to keep away any negative energy that may hover near.

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3. Listen while social distancing.

Talking to God is excellent to feel more comfortable being open, but are you actually talking with Him? When we conversate with others it’s not a one-way street.


At some point, we have to bite our tongue and listen to what the other person has to say.

Don’t expect to hear a voice as if it was Morgan Freeman himself. God speaks to us through people, nature, and little moments in our lives.

One way we can listen to God is to propose any questions that have been floating in the back of our heads. Another is bringing up our problems or issues that we’re currently facing in our lives.


While either praying or reading His word, make sure you have a pen and pad near you. That way if a thought crosses your mind, you might realize it’s a spiritual answer from God.

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4. Put your faith in action while social distancing.

What is faith in God without action? Sure we may talk and listen with God, but are we truly testing life through his spiritual commands by just reading scripture?

Yes, our home usually has electricity but it’s no good if we’re not trying to turn it on. God’s gifts are waiting to be measured by how much faith you have in Him.

If He speaks to you to go talk to a homeless man standing in the corner, then trusts Him that good will come out of it.


If He gives you the desire to quit your job then turn in your uniform, and trust that He has a much greater plan for you.

All of this starts by distancing ourselves from others first to get closer to God. Once we have built a solid foundation with Him, then we can get back to our normal social routine.

The only difference is you’ll have an appetite for spiritual food from His word, daily gratitude and prayer time, and a heart full of the reflection of His love.

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