Jealous Of Her Sexy Selfie? You Must Be Insecure

Studies show that women favor other women who are more modest.

Selfie: Why Do Sexy Women Intimidate Other Women?

In a world where sexy provocative photos have become the norm on social media, it's no surprise that this can lead to jealousy and competition amongst women. A recent study indicates that women show a strong dislike towards other women's sexy selfies, and show a bias towards more modest women. (Read the study here).

But why do sexy women intimidate their female counterparts? What happened to girl power? Here are some reasons women might not be the biggest fans of their fellow females sexy selfies. 


1) Lack Of Self Confidence
One possible explanation can be attributed to a lack of confidence on the part of the jealous woman. If a woman feels unhappy or uncomfortable with her own body image, she  is more likely to harbor feelings of intimidation or resentment towards women they deem to be more attractive.

Of course, a more productive solution to being jealous and intimidated is to work on improving one's own body image rather than tear someone else's down. It's unbelievable how a healthy diet and exercise routine can shape the way someone feels about themselves. Not only does exercise release endorphins which can help improve someone's mood, but it also boosts self esteem.


2) Competition
Many women are naturally competitive and view other sexy women as direct competition, which can lead to feelings of intimidation and jealousy. When women view others as a potential competitor, it can trigger a negative response. One solution to overcoming this is to make a conscious effort to change the way you think about things. Instead of looking at sexy women as competitors, look at them as allies who are on your same team.

3) Unrealistic Expectations Of Self
When women have an unrealistic expectation of how attractive or sexy they should be, and they see photos of other women who are living up to those standards, it creates a feeling of jealousy and self-hatred.

A better way to cope with this is to only compete with yourself only. Instead of setting the expectation that you have to be as attractive as every bunny in the Playboy mansion, make it a goal to compete only with what you're capable of. If you want to look better and feel better, create an action plan to become a better version of YOU.

Being intimidated by sexy women is understandable, but never productive. Next time you see that super fit woman, with perfect skin and hair, instead of getting worked up, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And then work on being the best you possible. You'll feel much better, then. I promise!