7 Disgustingly Adorable Couple Selfies Everyone Loves To Hate

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There's nothing worse (especially to a single person) than a couple that can't stop flaunting their relationship on social media. It is the living worst. But, there is hope for you smoochie couples yet! 

Heed these guidelines, and try to rein in the following couple selfies, for all our sakes. Warning: this is a slightly bitter post. Whatever, I can own up to that.

In order of the progression of a relationship, we have:

The Cutesy selfie, which honestly can come off creepy if not handled properly. Exhibit A:

The Date Night selfie. Yes, you go on adorable dates. Enough already.

The After-Sex selfie. No one needs or wants to see you two in all your post-coital bliss. It's only fun if you've just had sex

The Engagement Ring selfie. With all that focus on the rock, you just look materialistic. You are better than that!

The Wedding selfie. Hmm, we weren't invited to the event, but we have to see 1,473 photos over and over in all our feeds? Thanks.

The Honeymoon selfie. Put the collage tool down. Now.

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The Married Life selfie. #ILoveMarriedLife? #BiteMe