What Type Of Desirable Are You? Discover Your Inner Magnetism

These four traits instantly increase your star power and desirability.

Relationship Expert: How To Attract The Man You Desire

The Italians call it fascino; the French, je ne sais quoiWhen used together, these four archetypes give you an irresistible confidence and energy that invites the pursuit of high-caliber men and inspires his loving, long-term commitment. Every woman has all four within her, but one is the most dominant:

"The Femina" is stylish, sophisticated, and loves luxury. The epitome of femininity, she has the power to ignite deep attraction through her sensual nature. Men find her capacity to be strong, yet open, vulnerable, and self-supportive – simply irresistible. Famous Femina Women: Princess Grace of Monaco and Halle Berry


Why Men Are Drawn To Femina Women

She's stylish and beautiful. She's not shy about accentuating her physical beauty and being admired for it. We all know that men are visual creatures. However, she doesn't dress this way solely to please a man; she does it first and foremost for herself.

How to uncover your femina magnetism: Tastefully accentuate your beauty. Don't be afraid to draw attention to that gorgeous neck or those shapely legs of yours. It sends a message that you are confident (even if you don't always feel like it) and that you love your looks.

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Warm, colorful and energetic, "The Islander" instantly enchants and wins over men with her smile. Boredom is not in her vocabulary — "fun" and "adventure" define her. She stands out from the crowd and doesn’t care what others think about her non-conformist style and way of life. Famous Islander Women: Josephine Baker and Shakira

Why Men Are Drawn To Islander Women

She’s spontaneous and adventurous. She is the living definition of Carpe Diem (seize the day). The way she mixes things up and keeps it spicy makes her a breath of fresh air to men. Men (and women) can become bored and lose interest when a relationship becomes predictable. The Islander's chameleon-like ways keeps a man on his toes. Life with her is full of pleasant surprises.

How to unleash your islander magnetism: Be open for anything. Seizing the moment is something most women just can't seem to do. When youre the woman who can:


• Take an impromptu swim in the ocean (fully clothed), instead of saying, "I can't; I just got my hair done."
• Pack your bags and head to St. Bart's for a weekend of fun and sun with a day's notice, instead of saying, "I need weeks to prepare!"

You're like a "triple oasis" (shade, food and water) to a man who is lost in the desert. While you may not free to say "Yes!" every time, be open to doing things impromptu.

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Selective, poised and reserved, "The Regal" knows her power and exercises it. It takes a very strong Alpha male to be her partner. People think she's too picky, but once you get invited to her inner circle, she's a jewel. She knows what she wants and she's going to get it.


Why Men Are Drawn to Regal Women

She's mysterious and reserved. She opens up slowly. You won't find her blabbering on and on. This adds an air of mystery that men find desirable. Famous Regal Women: Cleopatra and Beyoncé

How to unveil your regal magnetism: Listen 80 percent, talk 20 percent. Be interested and ask questions. It's a win-win situation when you let him do most of the talking. The more you listen, the faster you discover whether he is (or isn't) right for you. It saves you both precious time.  Besides, men want to feel heard and listened to — just as much as women do.

Of course you don't want this to be an interrogation; with practice, you can achieve a graceful balance. 


Discover what makes you magnetic in love, relationships and to high-caliber men. Take the Magnetism Style Quiz now

The Entrepreneur is intelligent, independent, and focused on her work. She desires a man with whom she can build an empire; someone who takes initiative. She needs a very strong alpha male to win her heart. Famous Entrepreneur Women: Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief of Vogue)

Why Men Are Drawn to Entrepreneur Women


She is intelligent and stimulating. The common belief that men don't like strong, successful women is B.S. A high-caliber man needs an intelligent woman who can stimulate him intellectually. There are few things sexier than a woman who continues to grow consistently and has something new to share. 

How to demonstrate your entrepreneur magnetism: Consistently invest in your self-growth by creating a spending plan for your education.  A few ideas: take a foreign language, start a new hobby, take self-growth programs, and/or hire a mentor and travel abroad.  

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