When Can You Start Dating If You're Fresh Out Of A Relationship?


Some people just break free want to immediately start dating.

I got this question sent in and many people wonder how long you should wait to date someone fresh out of a relationship?

Dear Renee (The Love Designer),

My ex and I broke up about a month ago and I found out that our neighbor introduced him to someone else that he is now involved. My rule is that I don't want to get involved with anyone until they're 'over the relationship' for at least 6 months or longer. I don't want to be the rebound person, nor deal with the unresolved issues from the prior relationship.

Am I a dinosaur, old-fashioned, or what? Does the amount of time really matter? How soon do you date or introduce your friend to a person who is fresh out of a serious relationship?

- Cathy

Dear Cathy,

People that have just broken up are still in pain even if they don’t want to admit it. Whether you are the person leaving or being left, there is a disconnecting process. If you have a friend that is newly single, I don’t see anything wrong with introducing them after a month, because it can help them re-enter the dating game and rebuild their confidence. People going through a recent break-up are the people I coach the most. As part of the healing process, I would suggest building a friend support network, so you have others to share experiences with.

Some people just break free want to immediately start dating. Often what happens to their new partner, is they end up getting the person through the tough hump and end up being a casualty or the "rebound person.”"

You aren’t "old-fashioned," just SMART! My suggestion is simple … Go slow to check out terrain and don’t hide in a cave. I suggest waiting to get involved with a newly broken up person until they (and you) understand their heart’s frame of reference. Many people go through break-ups and rebound because they can’t be alone, while others are ripe for dating again. It takes time to see the real story, so it smart not to drop your panties too soon and get hurt!

Many people I coach have been single for a while, but still have skeletons in their closets or what I call a "passenger still remaining in their vehicle."  In my coaching sessions, I meet hundreds of singles in these sensitive situations and each individual has unique circumstances. If you see a pattern it’s time for a tune-up! You could waste years of your life getting over someone!

We all need to be honest and to listen carefully to the people you date to discover their phases of life they are in or you could cause more pain. In my book Get Real about LOVE ~The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding True LOVE, I uncover these phases, so you can discover when someone is still healing from a broken relationship or ready to rock-n-roll. Unfortunately, there isn't just a pat formula or exact time to be single for everyone.

If you do choose to get involved with a person fresh out of a marriage, long term relationship or engagement go slow and don’t get into the rescue mode … you might be jumping into something that could bite you in the butt. I took my own advice when I met and my husband and took it slow since he was going through a challenging divorce. It wasn’t easy but it all worked out! Read my true love story online.

There are those exceptions … sometimes love is right in front of you and you may have been with a person that wasn’t right for you and blocked your own path to love. Many people hang in there for too long and waste time! Don’t do it … life is too short. There is no RULE for how long it should be to date or introduce friends to someone fresh out of a love thing … it is individual for each person and the time frame all depends on their situation! We all need to GET REAL about our situation, communicate our truth and be big boys and girls.

Want to Reinvent your love patterns and open your heart? Call me for a heart healing coaching session. Stop analyzing life so much and go experience it! There is love all around you and the rules stop people from living fully. Send me your thoughts! I'd love to hear from you.

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