5 Questions NOT To Ask Her On A First Date

I’m often surprised by the questions guys ask me on a first date. Some questions are too personal, and some questions seem to better fit a census than a date. To begin to get to know her without making her feel judged or surveyed, ask her about things she likes. Ask her how she likes to spend her time, and talk more about your common interests. But be sure to avoid asking her the following 5 types of questions, as they’ll likely kill your chances for a second date.

1. Don’t ask her any question whose answer is a number. This includes her age, how much she pays in rent, and how long she’s been at her current job. Don’t ask how much money she makes, how often she goes to the gym, or how many children she may someday want. It’s not necessary to quantify anything on the first date.

2. Don’t ask her why she’s passionate about her favorite things. If you really don’t understand her point of view, asking will only highlight the disparity. Instead, focus on what you have in common. Once you know each other better, she’ll be more comfortable explaining her perspective.    

3. Don’t ask about her most recent dating experiences. Nothing is more awkward on a first date than having to answer “When was your last date?” or “When was the last time you had sex?” The only thing you’ll do with that information is judge her. If she says 6 months ago, you’ll wonder why she hasn’t dated anyone since. If she says last week, you’ll think she’s playing the field. But none of that is any of your business. All you need to remember is that she’s choosing to be on a date with you, getting to know you. Focus on that, and give the relationship a chance to develop. Keep reading...