5 Ways To Kill It On The First Date, According To Research

Here's how to make sure you have an amazing first date with someone.

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Finding the right things to talk about on a first date is tough.

Obviously, there are topics we all know are off-limits like religion and politics but what else? Should you talk about the latest movie you watch or travel experiences you've had?

How should you respond to what your date is saying? Well, good news daters: All of those answers are based on science. Here are five things you should and shouldn't do when it comes to getting to know your date on your first encounter.


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Here are 5 ways to kill it on the first date, according to research:

1. Talk about your adventures

According to a study, 18 percent of couples who met up for a second date talked about their adventures while traveling on the first date, as this led to more laughter and smiles between the couple on a date. Talking about their travels helped them appear more attractive to their desired partner.


2. Be responsive

We've all been on that bad date where the person didn't say enough or said so much they barely let us get a word in edgewise. A big part of getting the spark going on a first date is actively engaging in the conversation by building on what your date says, and asking them questions, like a ping-pong match. Psychologists have found asking genuine questions to the person across the table from us exhibits warmth.

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3. Share a secret

One way to feel mentally closer to someone is to tell them something you wouldn't normally share. In Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You, psychologists say you can speed up the process of becoming intimate by having a conversation involving emotional personal information.

4. Don't be afraid to be controversial

No, you probably shouldn't talk about politics or religion on the first date, but that doesn't mean you should bore them with your favorite flavor of ice cream, either. Researcher Dan Ariely found that talking about taboo things like STDs, abortion, and previous break-ups led to livelier conversations more so than playing it safe. It can help break the tension and actually make it easier to talk to someone, as no one wants that awkward small talk on a first date.


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5. Ask what their favorite drink is — then buy it for them

Are you the type to wonder if you'll get lucky in the sack at the end of the date? Ask them what their poison is. According to OKCupid, men and women who drink beer are more likely to be down for intimacy at the end of the first date.

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