Here's What Ghosting Says About YOU

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Sucks to be you.

It’s becoming more apparent that ghosting is here to stay. Both men and women are using the slow fade to avoid that awkward conversation you once used to have.

The funny thing is that we are more socially connected and when we ghost we still have to see that person in some capacity online. This leaves us resentful and sometimes angry or sad with them for much longer than we ever anticipated.

If you’ve ever been in an intense relationship with someone that you were really into, you know the dark place you can go when they ghost. I once dated a man whom I really thought I’d end up with. He was intense; he wanted to get deep. I wasn’t used to that type of relationship so I took his lead. He grabbed me by the hand and he took me down this rabbit hole of emotions. 

As someone who hadn’t been vulnerable in a long time, the experience was scary for me, but he was by my side and I felt like we could do anything together.

Until one day I found myself at the bottom of the rabbit hole all by myself. He disappeared and I was left with more questions than answers.

We later reconnected as friends and spent a lot of time talking about what happened. He got scared and he did what he always did: he ran. He didn’t want to be the bad guy. What he didn't realize is that he became the bad guy as soon as he ghosted, because he didn’t give me the opportunity to be complete with the relationship. While I didn’t feel complete, he was also left incomplete in his behavior.

That’s what ghosting actually says about you.

When you choose to ghost, there is something that’s incomplete about YOU.

Maybe it’s fear of getting close to someone, fear of rejection, fear of confrontation, or the fear or being the villain.

No matter the fear, if you allow it to rule the way you communicate and relate to others you are living a half life. That type of life is so small, and you deserve to live a life where you can have the freedom to share what you want with others.

If you’re not into them, say so. If you’re afraid of getting close to someone, say so. Give them the opportunity to be complete and spare them the trouble of wondering what they did wrong.

It’s the whole thing to do. And the right one.

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This article was originally published at LoveLifeTBD.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.