25 Simple Self-Care Habits For A Happier Love Life

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Because a little indulgence goes a long way when it comes to self-love!

Often times as women we are so busy taking care of everything and everyone in our lives that we forget to take care of #1 (ourselves!).

I’ve compiled a short list of simple little things that you could do everyday to show a little self-love. After all, you deserve it for all the hard work you do! It’s impossible to give unending love and energy to the people around us if we don’t have any for ourselves. So remember—fill your cup first! Start with one of these a day and build up from there…

1. Take a moment of silence in the morning before getting out of bed to set an intention for the day.

2. Slow down and breathe. Especially while you are eating. If you need to relax, breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 6 and out for 8. Repeat this 3 times.

3. Use an incredible shower gel with lovely aroma that lifts you up and makes you happy.

4. Get yourself a luscious bathrobe that makes you feel like a queen.

5. Buy yourself some fresh flowers.

6. Start the day with a cup of fresh water with lemon for a gentle cleanse.

7. Have a hearty delicious breakfast that fills you up and makes you feel strong, why only eat well on the weekends? Community: When Emotional Eating Is A Good Thing

8. Get 8 hours of sleep or more.

9. Make a vision board, a collage with images that you aspire toward.

10. Stop to smell the roses. Literally, take a moment to stop, look around and appreciate the little vignettes of beauty no matter where you are.

11. Stay in the shower/bath 5 minutes longer than usual.

12. Drink a cup of comforting herbal tea before bedtime.

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