5 Ironclad Steps To Remove Drama From Your Life For Good

Nobody wants to be surrounded by drama!

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Drama can be annoying and distracting. It is not productive energy to have in your life. It can be frustrating and make you feel like there's no way out.

If you struggle with any ongoing drama, you may be allowing — and even attracting it — into your life without realizing it

The good news is that as with everything in life, you do have full control over it and can eliminate it at the roots.


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Here are 5 steps to cutting drama and negativity out of your life.

1. If you don't want drama, you need to energetically starve that situation.

That means not talking about drama with certain people and not allowing it in your life — period. Don't even give it the time of day.

Look at who brings drama into your life repeatedly. Know that if they keep doing it, that you're allowing it.

A lot of times, this calls for cutting people out of your life, no matter who they are. Just the act of engaging in someone's drama will attract more drama into your life, which will become a vicious cycle.


Remember, this drama is distracting you from your purpose. So, it's important to not be around it for your growth if you want to be able to move forward in life.

2. Boundaries eliminate drama and chaos at its roots.

Boundaries are so important! They need to be upheld firmly.

Be strong in not allowing any drama into your life. As you eliminate drama and show the universe you don’t want it, you'll stop attracting it.

Really, look at any situations in your life that have drama and chaos. Start actively working on changing those situations with the knowledge that you have full control to do so.

3. Intentionally add more peace into your life.

Peace is the antidote of drama. More peace will attract more peace. More drama and chaos will only attract more of the same.


By allowing dramatic energy to re-enter a situation in any form, you're giving an open invitation for it to creep into every part of your life.

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4. Choose to protect yourself from toxic people, relationships, and environments.

Be very vigilant with what you allow in all areas of your life. Get out of any toxic relationships that will always bring drama in your life and keep you stuck.

If drama is in your life, you're attracting it with your choices — so really look at your choices.

Do you stay in a toxic work environment? In a toxic relationship? Keep a toxic friend in your life?


Really make those strong choices to get toxicity out of your life. It's not always easy, but if you want to live your purpose and have a good life it is necessary.

Everyone should have peace! If you don't, really work on making choices in your life to change that. 

From now on, don't allow it period. Energetically starve any dramatic situations.

5. Ask yourself what you're getting out of drama.

This next step can be hard for some, but it's very important.

If you have lots of drama in your life, look deep at yourself and ask what you are getting out of it.

For some, they love the drama and attention, so they keep allowing it in their lives. Some are afraid to move forward and do what they need to do, so they attract drama to keep them distracted and have an excuse to not move forward.


Really look deep, because if this is a pattern, you are getting something out of it. This can be hard to admit, but doing so will cause a big breakthrough.

No matter what the root causes are, drama is never healthy and always blocks you from your purpose and moving forward. So, really be honest with yourself and ask, "What am I getting out of this drama?"

Really look into yourself and work through that, so you can remove that obstacle from your life.


Whatever the reason you are attracting this drama in your life, focusing on yourself and your purpose can help push you forward through that roadblock.

Focus on creating the life you want. Don't let drama distract you and take you off of your path.

Know that you can create a drama-free life, but you have to be in control and not engage with or allow drama back in.

Be strong! Don't let drama keep you off of your path to peace and happiness.

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