Here's How To Make Wearing A Condom SEXY (Not Just Safe)

Keep the "sexy" in sexy time.

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Let's face it: condoms are not the best part of sex. But for anyone who wants to prevent pregnancy and infections, they are the best birth control method to protect yourself. When used correctly and consistently, condoms are 98 percent effective.



Remember, they don't protect you against all infections, so always talk to your partner about their sexual history and when in doubt, get tested together. Think of them as your protective gear that allows you to have more fun with less worry. Just like football players strap on their protective pads so they can play harder, condoms allow you to fully enjoy sex and stay safe at the same time.

Knowing how to make condoms sexy and how to put one on without breaking the flow of your foreplay is an essential skill to master. But before you can learn how to put on a condom, learn how to choose the right condom for your unique body.


Every guy should try on lots of different ones to find the brand and specific type that fit him best. Condoms range wildly in size, length, girth, and shape. Many sex toy stores sell condom samplers so you can buy a variety and try them all.

This isn't the time to deny your penis size: A too big condom (or a too small one!) will not only compromise the effectiveness but also won't feel as good for either partner. Aim for a condom that fits snugly, without excess baggage around any part of the shaft.

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You also want to skip the spermicide. Spermicide is a harsh chemical that can irritate the sensitive vaginal walls, creating micro-abrasions that can actually increase the risk for infection and make sex really uncomfortable. Many women are allergic to spermicides so it's best to skip this part. 


You can buy pre-lubricated condoms, but you can use your own lubricant in addition. Grab a bottle of organic, all natural lubricant. Most lubes contain toxic chemicals that you don't want anywhere near your most sensitive parts. Many lubes also contain glycerin, a sweetener that can lead to nasty yeast infections. Take good care of your sexual system by choosing a great lube. You and your partner will really appreciate it.

Now, that you've found the right-fitted condom to use, you need to know how to put one on. First, know that the first few times you put on a condom is probably awkward. So as you learn how to put on a condom, keep a sense of humor and know it will get easier over time.

1. Practice on your own.



Before learning how to put on a condom in the heat of the moment, every guy should practice on his own until he is comfortable putting one on. That way, he'll be more relaxed when putting on a condom with an aroused partner in bed with him.

2. Don't rush to put the condom on.

You'll want to put it on a fully erect penis before the penis comes into contact with any part of the vulva. Enjoy lots of foreplay first, focusing on full body touch and building up female arousal. Most women have orgasms through clitoral stimulation using hands and mouth, so focus on her pleasure until she is more than ready to have sex. 


When you are ready to put on a condom, don't worry about breaking the mood. If you have built up enough arousal, you won't have a fragile mood.

3. Take your time, relax, stay connected to your lover and get ready for the next round of pleasure.

Maintain your connection. Talk to her, saying things like, "I'm so excited" or, "You look beautiful right now" to keep both of you excited and ready as you take your time putting on the condom correctly.


4. Make sure to check the expiration date. 

Clear out your stash once in a while and get rid of any condoms that expire or if the package looks worn or torn. Double check the expiration date right before you use each condom. 

Open the package and inspect the condom. Don't tear open the package with your teeth, as you may rip the condom. Use your fingers and gently open the package. Make sure you can't see any flaws or holes. Make sure the condom is soft and flexible. If it feels weird in any way, such as sticky, brittle or stiff, throw it away and use a new condom. 

5. Roll it the right way.



Next, identify the rolled edge and make sure that rolled edge is on the outside of the condom, with the tip of the condom facing up. Grab your organic lube and add a drop or two on the inside tip of the condom. This lube will help the condom slip around the sensitive head of the penis, adding more pleasurable sensation for him. If he is not circumcised, make sure the foreskin is totally pulled back before putting on a condom.

Place the rolled up condom over the head of the penis, and then pinch the air out of the puckered tip of the condom. It's important to minimize air trapped in the head of the condom, which will minimize the risk of breakage and also increase his pleasure!

Keep his arousal going by gently squeezing the head of his penis as you hold the condom in place. With your other hand, gently roll the condom down over the shaft, making sure it extends all the way down to the base of the penis. Using pleasurable handjob techniques, smooth out the condom and make sure there are no air bubbles along the shaft.

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6. Remove it properly.

After ejaculation, or when you are ready to stop intercourse for any reason, hold the base of the condom in place as you pull out. This is an essential step to prevent the condom from getting stuck in the vagina, potentially leaking semen into the vagina and undoing all the protection.

Then, unroll the condom off the penis and discard. You can also wash the penis with soap and water before it comes into contact with the vulva. Use a new condom for each act of penetration.


Once you are comfortable with the basics of how to put on a condom and want to know how to make condoms sexy, you can experiment with making the process more playful. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • First, forget everything you've heard about putting on a condom with your mouth. It simply isn't safe. Your teeth may rip the condom, and you can't smooth out all the air bubbles using pressure from your lips. This party trick is risky and not worth the effort. Your hands can create way more sensation than your mouth, and you can use your eyes to make sure you put on the condom correctly.
  • Once the condom is on correctly, give him some good firm strokes to bring him back to full erection. Use downward strokes so you are smoothing out the condom rather than pulling it up. Pay special attention to the sensitive head of his penis, and keep on stroking until he can't wait any longer and you are both ready to move on to penetration.

Still not convinced that a condom can be sexy? Watch the video below for alternatives to using condoms as birth control:



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