Finally! 4 New Condoms That Actually Feel Good

Origami and graphene condoms: This is the future, people.


Although condoms still have a long way to go given their flimsy, uncomfortable make (according to the tales of men) — thanks to Bill Gates we're making great strides in the right direction with four new condom prototypes to improve safe and pleasurable sex

How it began ...

Danny Resnic, condom enthusiast, was very careful when it came to sex but sadly still contracted HIV when a condom broke. After being heartbroken over contracting the very same STD that took a loved one's life in 1984, he decided that there must be some change.


"I couldn't believe it," Resnic tells Slate, "Beause I was really vigilant. I lost all my friends during the AIDS crisis, and I used condoms religiously. And then when one broke, I thought, 'How could that happen?'"

He and another inventor have provided us with four new condom designs and we've got to say, they all have interesting pros and cons! Take a look:

1. The Silicone Condom

Resnic started his mission to better the condom by taking product design classes and researching patents; he then contacted a silicone manufacturer to make a "recipe" for silicone prototypes. Condoms are usually made of latex, but not only do these silicone condoms offer a loose fit but instead of being rolled on, you pull them on like mittens. The inside of the condom is also lubricated in order to provide men with a more pleasurable sensation.


2. The Origami Condom

Resnic continued working and went on to create "The Origami" condom, which is folded rather than rolled. (Hold on, what now?) "The whole concept of the rolled condom is flawed," explains Resnic, "The premise is transferring sensation through the material. That's equivalent to trying to taste your lunch with Saran wrap on your tongue." 

3. The Graphene Condom

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded Resnic's proposal for this condom. The winning proposal describes a condom made of graphene — a type of carbon that is a single atom thick, so that you truly aren't missing out on the pleasure.

4. The Galactic Cap

There is an Indie Go Go campaign created by inventor, Charles Powell raising money for the Galactic Cap, which sits on the head of the penis rather than covering the shaft. The campaign describes it as easier to apply, safer and more secure, all while allowing for more pleasure. We admit, this one sounds interestingly weird but don't knock it (pun very much intended) until you try it.