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5 Ways To Make Your Masturbation Orgasms SO MUCH BETTER

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5 Ways To Make Your Masturbation Orgasms SO MUCH BETTER

Most of us learn how to masturbate in our early teens and then settle into a pattern that we repeat for the rest of our lives. If your solo sex life is in a rut, you can discover how to masturbate as if for the first time, and discover whole new levels of pleasure.

If you are wondering how to masturbate with more creativity and variety, here are five suggestions for reinvigorating your solo sex sessions.

1. Unplug your toys.


Over 50 percent of women use a vibrator every time they masturbate. Many women begin to experience vibrator burn-out or vibrator dependence. Your body can get dependent on a vibrator to reach orgasm if you use the same toy the same way every time.

Try unplugging and ditching the vibrators for at least one month to give your body to regain sensitivity. It may take you longer to have an orgasm, but the time invested will be well worth it. You’ll wake up more sensation and become more responsive to your own stimulation and your lover’s touch.

2. Touch your entire body.

All too often women get clit-centric when it comes to self-pleasuring. The clitoris will always be the centerpiece of your sexual stimulation, but learn how to masturbate while including your entire body for more full-body pleasure and broader sensations.

Touch your own breasts, scratch your arms and legs, squeeze the base of your neck. Explore every inch of your skin and notice how sensation changes and what brings you more arousal. You’ll discover a few hot spots that you can then share with your lover to create more pleasure when you make love. While you are exploring your whole body, don’t leave out your entire vulva.

3. Let your imagination run wild.


Tap into the power of your erotic imagination and allow your fantasies to run wild while you masturbate. Learn how to masturbate while fantasizing freely and there is no limit to how much variety you can bring to your sex life.

In the realm of fantasy, anything is possible, so don’t hold back. Allow yourself to be ravaged by a powerful stranger, go underwater for a swim as a sexy mermaid or succumb to the seduction of a rock star. 

4. Don't forget to breathe. 

Taking big deep breaths while you masturbate is an amazingly effective strategy to amplify your pleasure. Breath is one of the most powerful yet underutilized sexual skills out there.

It's simple to try: next time you are masturbating, simply take long deep breaths and see how you feel. Gulp in the air, staying relaxed and exhaling fully. The more oxygen you take in, the more sensation you can feel. It is simple (and sexy!) science.

5. Switch positions.


If you always masturbate in the same position, switch it up. Allow each position to awaken new facets of your sexuality. Try straddling a pillow and moving your hips, grinding into your own hand or a toy. You may feel shy at first, but developing the strength and stamina to "ride" to climax is an empowering sexual skill.

You can also try getting on your hands and knees, reclining on your side or sitting up in a chair. Anything to switch up your routine and make you feel new sensations is worthwhile.

You deserve a solo sex life that is rich with pleasure and nourishes your body and soul. Take the time to break out of your ruts and discover how to masturbate for even more pleasure.

Orgasms are healthy and human touch — even your own — is a powerful way to boost your health and wellness. Enjoy the neverending journey of discovering just how much pleasure you can bring yourself.