3 Sex Positions All About Giving Her Bigger, Crazier Orgasms

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3 Positions Guaranteed To Help Achieve An Amazing Orgasm WeHeartIt

Want more pleasurable, more orgasmic sex? If so, you are not alone. Good news! There are TONS of ways to make sex more fun and orgasmic for women.

One way to explore more orgasmic sex is to try a few additions to the sex positions you already love. But before you assume the position, here are two essential tips that will keep things spicy under the sheets: 

Remember to take your TIME during foreplay.


Remember that orgasmic pleasure starts long before intercourse. Many women prefer a long, slow seduction, allowing arousal to build over time — so don't be afraid to ask for more warm-up if that is what you need to enjoy sex!

Start with a relaxing full body massage, allowing the full body touch to awaken your pleasure as you relax and let go of your day. Then yield to arousing foreplay — without any rush towards intercourse. SLOW DOWN, enjoy every step of building arousal and only consider moving on to penetration when you are truly ready for it.

The clitoris is queen.

No matter what sex position you choose, remember that 70% of women don't orgasm during intercourse. Women need direct clitoral stimulation to build high levels of arousal and achieve orgasm. So remember that your partner should spend lots of time on direct clitoral stimulation with his hands and mouth. Also, keep doing this during sex too. 


Always remember the GOLDEN RULE for great sex: Female orgasm BEFORE intercourse.

Now that you're relaxed, aroused and in the 'orgasmic zone', here are three of the best sex positions for female orgasm during intercourse. Forget the acrobatics — you'll only be able to have orgasms if your body is comfortable, pain-free and you aren't wasting energy on maintaining a stressful position. Ditch the chandelier sex and focus on what really matters: clitoral stimulation, great rhythm and intimacy with your lover.

1. Upgrade The Missionary Position. 


The missionary position is a classic for good reason: many women love the closeness and intimacy of this face-to-face position. But if you want missionary position to be more orgasmic, add in focused clitoral stimulation.

His hands will be occupied propping himself up, so you are in charge. Drop your hand in between your bodies and stimulate your own clitoris as he moves inside you. A lot of women are shy about touching themselves during sex; if you can get over this emotional hurdle, you will be able to experience a lot of pleasure. Most guys are incredibly turned on by seeing you touch yourself for more pleasure, and the sex will become a lot more fun with the added clitoral stimulation.

Another option is to use a small vibrator, tucking it between your labia and clitoris so it stimulates your clitoris with every thrust.

2. Ride, Cowgirl, Ride! 


Get on top and you can tap into incredibly orgasmic sex. There is no question that getting on top during sex is an emotional challenge; check out our complete guide on the Cowgirl Position for more advice on mastering the art of this sex position.

Once you are comfortable having sex with you on top, you can learn how to move in ways that maximize your own pleasure. You can ride just the tip of his penis to maximize stimulation of your g-spot (which is just an inch or two inside your body) or angle the thrusting so the curve of his penis strokes your g-spot again and again.

And again, don't forget your clitoris! In this position, either you or your lover (or a trusty, well-placed vibrator) can stimulate your clitoris as you ride your way to orgasmic heights. For many women this is the best sex position for female orgasm  take a ride or two and find out if it will work for you.


3. Unleash The Tiger 

Tiger position is another name for doggy style, because many women — including yours truly  prefer to be a tiger than a dog. But anyway you name it, this sex position can be one of the best for female orgasms.


Getting on your hands and knees can make you feel wild and unleash your inner erotic animal. You'll be able to move your hips and arch your back to express your pleasure. Plus, this style of penetration allows your man to hit your g-spot with every thrust. You can easily reach back and stimulate your own clitoris as you buck in pleasure and feel the fabulous vibrations that are created in your pelvic muscles as he moves into you.

Remember that the best sex positions for female orgasms are the positions you like best. There is no one formula for great sex, because your body is unique. Finding the best fit together is yours to discover. Plus, your body and its abilities will change over time. Never give up exploring new ways to move together and discover how to pleasure one another anew every time. 

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