5 Tips To Keep Your Sex Life Sizzling

happy winter couple

It's common for long-term couples to experience the occasional sexual rut. Contributing factors may include stress and health issues. Take it upon yourself to amp up your sex life and prevent dry spells.

The first step toward improving the sexual climate in your relationship is to acknowledge the potential for a rut. Rather than seeking advice from others about how to prevent one, first try looking for the solution within yourself. Research indicates that women lose the sexual desire for their partner much sooner than men, but that doesn't mean it can't be fixed. In fact, getting back on track can be simple and fun.   

It's important to reconnect with your body and listen to your changing sexual needs. The following libido-boosting exercises can save your sex life and revive your relationship in one fell swoop:

1. Take up dancing or Zumba. Dancing exercises some of the same muscles used in sex — hips, abs and thighs. Put your hips into motion to strengthen vital sex muscles over time, which increases pleasure and physical capabilities. Consider classes like Zumba, belly dancing, salsa or merengue. If there aren't appropriate classes near you, look into buying a dance-exercise DVD to practice at home. 

2. De-stress and unwind. Stress lowers your ability to relax and connect with your sexual desires. Try finding ways like yoga or meditation to calm your mind and improve your focus. A clear, calm mind can make all the difference in the bedroom, increasing your likelihood for maximum pleasure. 

3. Go toy shopping. Personal pleasure toys are known to supercharge women's libido. It's important to be in tune with your pleasure zone to teach your partner what you need.

4. Discuss your needs. Have a serious discussion with your partner about your sexual desires and any changes in your preferences. By asking your partner to try something different or new, you open a new door in your relationship. In your approach, be sensitive to his feelings and sexual desires.

5. Buy new lingerie. Slip into sexy lingerie before bed as a little surprise for your partner. A few days a week, try wearing lingerie instead of your go-to oversized tee shirt and boy shirts. You'll feel empowered and prepared for whatever the night might bring.

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