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How To Reawaken Your Inner Divine Sexy GODDESS

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Here Is How To Reawaken Your Inner Divine Sexy Goddess

I feel my inner sexy goddess in my heart.

In 2005, I went through a Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality workshop and unexpectedly experienced the work of the divine. For the first time in my life, I experienced the connection in my heart between my inner sexy goddess and myself.

Where had she been all the time prior to discovering her? She was hidden underneath the grief and sadness that I had been carrying around since childhood. I cried for weeks with the memories of the profound experience of connecting with my inner sexy goddess.

I wrote a book, and I entitled it Sexy Love Affirmations from that powerful feeling in my heart when I connect with her.

For me, the goddess is the female version of the God within me. He is always here to connect with and to connect with, if we so choose.

By divine right, so is the goddess. I choose to embrace her and in doing so, I believe more in the beautiful sexual woman and goddess that I am. The goddess is pure divine love.  

Sometimes we naturally forget that we are perfect goddesses in God’s eyes 100 percent of the time. Here are 3 steps on how to can feel sexy and reawaken that sexy goddess within you:

Step 1: Light a white or pink candle and stare into the flame.

I choose to bring her out through praying with a white candle and through affirmations. When you light the white or pink candle, stare into the flame and talk to your divine goddess as if you were God. She listens, as does God. White is for cleansing and purity and pink is for love.

Ask "her" to heal your fears, your insecurities, your sadness. Ask for what you want and remember that she is a part of you.

Do this at least 15 minutes a day. If you would like to speed the process up, pray 2-3 times a day for at least 15 minutes each time. Now in doing that, be prepared, because things will happen... fast!

Step 2: Create a sexy goddess portrait.

Have a portrait done of yourself — either nude or with something very sexy on. If the picture is just you alone, put it in a prominent place in your house, but not the bedroom. If you have a partner, both of you should be in the picture in a very sexy timeless pose that expresses your sexual desire and love for each other.

Place that picture in your love and romance corner in the back right-hand corner of your bedroom — your love and marriage corner in Feng Shui. Now add 2 pink candles or 2 red candles there. Now, light those candles for a little while each evening and add soft light and music to the mix.

Create your boudoir to make you feel safe and sexy in a room you love to hang out in. Spray your bedroom with a wonderful light sexy scent.

Step 3: Call your inner sexy goddess into your dreams. 

When you're about to fall asleep at night, ask your inner sexy goddess to come into your dreams and bring you the messages, healing energy, and inspiration that you are meant to hear and experience. 

Also, ask her to help you remember the messages, healing energy, and inspirational messages. When you wake up in the morning, journal the messages that you remember.

Step 4: Repeat sexy goddess affirmations. 

Repeat the following affirmation out loud over and over again from a half hour to an hour a day for 21 days straight without skipping a day. It takes 21 days to change a belief or pattern: "I am celebrating and embracing my uniqueness as a beautiful sexy goddess unleashed."

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