6 Sad-But-True Signs Your Relationship Is REALLY Close To Ending

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 Break-Up Time? 6 Signs Your Relationship Is About to End

Are you about to get dumped?

Every relationship starts with those butterflies in your stomach. You only see the best qualities in your partner and imagine years of happiness and bliss.

But then, something changes in week two or month six and suddenly everything that once came easy is now incredibly challenging. Are you about to get dumped?

Here are some signs that the end is near and a breakup is inevitable:

1. There's a breakdown in communication 


Some people are good communicators and others aren’t. The important thing is that both partners are trying to communicate. If there’s a lack of effort on one side, it should set off an alarm. This is especially true when criticism is involved.

"At a certain point, someone who's being criticized — whether it's in the course of one conversation or a consistent communication pattern — is just going to shut down," says Ann Hartlage, PhD, the director of Rush University’s Marital and Sex Therapy program. "All they want is to get out of that conversation immediately."

2. You start talking in clichés.

On the surface, you may feel like there’s still communication, but if you notice words are shallow, this could be a sign that things are getting a bit rocky.

Specifically, you should be on alert if your partner is speaking in nothing but clichés. It’s much easier to fall back on these empty statements, rather than being real, raw, and emotional. 

3. You ignore each other's texts and calls.


One telltale sign that something’s wrong is your partner ignoring texts and phone calls.

At first, you might not think anything of it. Instead of replying within 10 or 15 minutes, it now takes 45 minutes or an hour to get a response. Then it becomes hours or even days between responses.

While you shouldn’t get stressed over a few delayed responses here and there, you should perk up a bit when it becomes a habit. 

4. You have new priorities. 

When your texts and phone calls are being ignored, this is often coupled with new priorities. When your partner finally does get back to you, they’ll come up with some reason as to why they couldn’t respond quicker.

Common excuses include work, sleep, or family conflicts. While these do happen, excuse after excuse shows that you are no longer a priority. Other things are more important to your partner and a breakup is probably the best choice.

5. You feel happier when you're alone. 


Do you feel like you’re happier when you’re alone than when you’re with your partner? Well, perhaps your partner feels the same way. If this is the case, then you probably like the idea of having a relationship more than you like your actual partner.

You’re clinging to the comfort of a relationship while not actually wanting to commit the time, energy, and vulnerability it takes to cultivate a healthy relationship. You’re better off being single or finding someone who makes you happier.

6. You never see each other.

Long-distance relationships often mask issues that other couples recognize almost immediately.

For example, if you’re in a normal relationship where you both live in the same city, then it’s worrisome if you haven’t seen each other in a few days. But if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you may go weeks or months without seeing each other and just chalk it up as part of the process.

If this is you, then you need to wake up. Even for a long distance relationship, never seeing each other is bad. Even with hectic schedules, you should be seeing each other at least once a month.

It’s time to move on.

While the end of a relationship often leaves one or both parties upset, it’s important that you don’t make irrational decisions in the wake of a breakup.

When you and your partner no longer feel like you fit together, take this as a sign that there’s no future. Instead, turn your attention to new things and don’t worry about the past. There’s no sense in trying to force something that isn’t there.