HUZZAH: Yes You CAN Be Sexy Over 45

Holding it together isn't all you can do. You can look AMAZING.

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It’s amazing the things women like me (who admit it) do to look younger.

I’m 46 years old, and have always been a beauty product fiend. I'm even more of one as I’ve grown older. In my 20s, I always loved wearing makeup, after having gotten out of the awkward stage wherein I wore horrible braces with clear plastic things on them that were dyed yellow by mustard stains and the like.

When those braces came off, and I discovered my love of cosmetics and miniskirts, the action was on. Men love you, said my one friend as we walked together down the streets of Chicago, and guys kept turning their heads to stare at and acknowledge me.


Men lust me, I would’ve corrected her today — having learned there’s a big difference between love and lust.

There is a difference between pure love and devilish lust, sure. But there’s still nothing wrong with looking beautiful and trying to make yourself appear fresh and attractive to others.

Women turn to all sorts of creams and potions to stay young, like Lifecell. Most wouldn't admit to it, and you'd probably never even realize it. But here are just a few staples from my own personal beauty routine:

  • Wagman hair extensions
  • A whole lot of essential oils 
  • Acure brightening facial scrub (that I love)
  • Glycolic chemical peels from OZ Naturals

Beyond that, exercising has been a big blessing, which helps keep my weight down and makes me feel better about myself.


Having been encouraged by my personal trainer to embark upon fitness competitions, I’ve also been seriously blessed by the results of such an action. Let’s face it, we can all get complacent in our relationships or marriages, and it helps to keep things interesting by embarking upon new ventures that shake up the status quo a bit.

For me, that meant losing 40 pounds and going in the direction of once again taking care of myself and taking the time out to blend in exercise on a nearly daily basis as a part of my look-younger, feel better and get healthier quest.

Of course, doing so meant that others in my life would take notice and my husband as well. Beyond the physical improvement came a big mental boost that helped me feel better about how I looked.

It’s not just a vanity thing, but looking better and younger can permeate all aspects of one’s life. Knowing you’re attractive to your spouse, yourself and others gives a big psychological boost that is its own reward as well. Feeling better about your body and your looks and knowing that you could give 20-somethings a run for their money can help you perform better in bed, be more comfortable and want sex on a regular basis with your spouse.


So the benefits extend beyond the mirror — and looking younger can have positive effects upon your whole life, not just the bedroom, but the boardroom as well.

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