iSpy: Secret Ways People Spy On Their Spouses Using iPhone Apps


Innovative apps and features help people find out what their mates are doing

So, life seems lovely.

You’ve gotten a great deal on an iPhone from a website like CellularOutfitter, saving enough money to buy a matching set of factory refurbished smartphones for both you and your mate.

In time, though, your suspicions about a change in your spouse’s habits have perked up your ears and have raised all kinds of red flags. You know the standard affair-suspecting protocol: increased showers, a sexy new wardrobe, weight loss, exotic perfume or cologne scents, and they’re all of a sudden "working late" lots of evenings — or even booking “business trips” out of town more frequently than before.

You want proof, and you’re seeking ways to use fresh technology to do so. Mere years ago, a tech savvy husband could perchance extract his wife’s SIM card to recover deleted text messages that haven’t actually been erased. However, plenty of smartphones don’t store texts onto SIM cards anymore, if they even have one that’s retrievable.

These days, questioning cuckolded men and watchful wives and girlfriends are instead turning to a plethora of apps to help them uncover a cheater, starting with the popular “Find My iPhone” app. Normally, the “Find My iPhone” app is used by people who’ve lost their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or MacBook — and the app allows them to use a different iOS device in their possession to tell them where the misplaced mobile device is located.

A recent episode of the hit reality TV show titled “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” gave viewers a largely unexplored way to use the app when actress Karlie “Redd” Lewis admitted that she intentionally left her iPhone in the car of her boyfriend, rapper "Yung Joc," in order to secretly spy on his travels. Although that method doesn’t reveal the personal messages on another person’s phone, it does provide information about where the iPhone has been by allowing users to view its recent location in the history information divulged by the app. It can even provide driving directions to the location — so one can only imagine the heated scenes that can ensue once a person discovers their iPhone has traveled to an unexpected locale.

Although becoming more widely known, it isn’t the first time spying through cell phone apps has made the news. Back in 2011, a New York-area man claimed that he caught his wife cheating after he used the “Find My Friends” app to learn that she was actually in Manhattan with another man, instead of at her friend’s house in a different location.

Spying, of course, becomes a slipper slope. Several of the more advanced apps — those that can track activity like calls, text messages, photos, videos and browser history — make sure to warn the consumers who purchase such apps that they are required to tell the owners the exact type of tracking app they are using. And it’s not always sneaky lovers looking to find out more data about their intended. Plenty of parents like to use such apps to track the activity of their children, in an effort to keep them safe from harm.

Controversial methods, yes — but effective nonetheless. After all, plenty of people are keeping these apps in business.