Hey, Guys! Want To Get Laid? Try Loading The Dishwasher

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Want to improve your love life? Try tackling the dishes…

"Blessing your home" isn’t just a woman’s job.

It’s pretty funny to me that some women get turned on watching their husbands doing the dishes. Yes, the dishes — not something more "manly" like chopping wood or lifting weights. 

No, to see a man doing housework and other chores is an aphrodisiac for some women because they view his help around the house as validation that "blessing your home" isn’t just a woman’s job. 

These aren't the type of women who ascribe to singer Paula Cole's way of life ("I'll go do the dishes, if you’ll go have a beer.") Some women like a man to be a rugged, cowboy type who knows how to take charge and let his lady be feminine. And there’s nothing wrong with that scenario.

But then there are the other kinds of females, the ones holding down jobs either inside or outside the home and raising a family at the same time.


These women don’t mind it when their husbands pitch in to help with diaper duty, house cleaning or other things that need to be done around the house.

For them, it's not really about those insignificant duties like laundry, it’s about the feeling behind them. (If you're simply too busy to help, hiring cleaning help can be another option and a good way to show you still care about getting the cleaning work done.)

When a man takes the lead and vacuums or performs other housework, he’s telling his wife "I value you" without having to say a word.

He shows her that she doesn’t exist simply to clean up after and cook for him but that he understands they both exist in the home and both have responsibilities for helping their marriage run smoothly.

It shows he’s not a selfish pig who thinks a wife is more akin to his personal nanny and maid, but rather a woman who also has valuable things to contribute with her time.


Those are all the reasons why seeing a man do housework can be a serious turn-on for a woman.

Even if it’s not an immediate sexual turn-on in the way one thinks of the word, the act of a man toting dirty laundry to the washer and dryer and folding clean clothes can ultimately help improve a couple’s love life because he’s also freeing up time for other things.

I know one woman whose husband used to complain about wanting her to cuddle with him on the couch after dinner but she’d shoot back that she had dishes to wash and needed help. I wonder if they are still married all these years later.

In that situation, I’d probably advise her to leave the dishes sitting, if she could stand it, to spend "cuddle time" with her husband — and if he’s not the type who likes to wash dishes, perhaps there would be some other type of housework he’s more fond of doing.

Either way, if the housework split is 80 percent/20 percent or worse — and one party feels it’s unfair — I suggest evening up the score somehow, because you never know how much it could improve your love life.