Did You Forgive Your Lover After They Committed Adultery?

Heartbreak, Sex

The most painful part is the emotional betrayal and breaking of trust between partners

…Is it possible? Well, Kendra Wilkinson of Girls Next Door fame just forgave her husband, Hank Baskett, after he supposedly cheated on her with a transsexual model while she was eight months pregnant. Kendra says that she is "willing to spend the rest of [her] life to figure this out rather than spending one night single without Hank in my life" [1]. Let’s hope, for the sake of Kendra, her kids and her family that it is possible.

I think many of us can admit that complete monogamy does not work for everyone. The most painful part of adultery is the emotional betrayal and breaking of trust between two partners. If people in relationships are able to have an honest conversation about what happened and why, and are able to learn to trust again, maybe it is possible. Just because someone cheats doesn’t mean that they don’t love you, but it can sure feel that way. The fact is that many of us, both women and men, make quick decisions sometimes and don’t think about the consequences until afterwards. The unfortunate fact for cheaters is, even though your partner might try his or her hardest, they may never really trust you again.

Frankly, even though they’re celebrities, Kendra and Hank’s relationship is none of our business. Also, we don’t know what the "rules" are in their relationship were like to begin with. Unfortunately, love is not always enough to make a relationship work. However, love can inspire us to try and fix relationships, and make those relationships great. It seems pretty obvious that Kendra and Hank love each other. Hopefully, Kendra and Hank (and any couple who has had to deal with adultery) are able to rise above the negative gossip and have some trust in their relationship again.