The Undisputed, Sexiest Language Known To Man

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What's the sexiest language to you? Is it French? . . . Italian? . . . Maybe you have a thing for the way Spanish rolls off the tongue?

Whatever your answer to the question, you're probably wrong either way. As you read every word on this page, you're going to discover a life-altering concept that will give you a ridiculously unfair advantage over most men in the dating world: the sexiest language isn't French, it isn't Italian, and it isn't Spanish (although I love hearing Spanish speaking women talk) . . . it's body language.

Pull up a chair and hear me out . . .

Years and years of research show that body language is by far the most vital aspect of communication. Knowing how to effectively read and display proper body language will transform us into master communicators possessing god-like powers with women . . . and that, my friends, is sexy!

According to Kevin Hogan, world-renowned author and expert on this subject, two paramount elements of body language are physical features (both changeable and unchangeable) and gestures.

Physical Features

"The first impression is the only impression."

We’ve all heard this time and time again, I'm sure. But that doesn't make it any less true. Really, it makes it even truer. There is no way around the fact that what we look like speaks to everyone in the environment.

Just think of the first thing that goes off in your mind when you see an attractive woman. You probably don't say, "Wow, I love how she carries that purse," or "The way she pushes that grocery cart is sexy as hell to me." Instead, it's more like, "Damn, she's kinda cute!"

The point here is that most dating decisions are made with physical attractiveness at the top of the checklist. This holds true for both men and women, although women place less significance on physical features.

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Hogan states that 89% of first dates progress to second dates because of physical attractiveness . . . that's a huge percentage!

Now, there are ways that you can change your physical attractiveness, if you have the paper of course. But, for those of us who don’t have unlimited funds, we’re not SOL, so don’t worry.

There are other, less expensive ways that we can enhance our physical attractiveness, and ultimately our body language.

One way could be to make sure that we look our absolute best whenever we step out. And I'm not talking about getting suited-and-booted every day. But we should always dress to the occasion.

What I am talking about is our upkeep and hygiene.

Keep our hair clean and neat (facial hair too). Keep our bodies clean. Look respectable at the very least.

Fair enough?

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