My Mood Is 100% Dictated By How Hot I Look Each Day

If I look better, then I feel better.

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We've all heard the cliché phrases:

True beauty comes from within.

Beauty has nothing to do with looks.

Inner beauty can't shine through makeup.

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About that... No. Call me shallow, but my inner beauty doesn't stand a chance if the way I look isn't up to par.

I'm not saying I need to rival a member of the Kardashian clan every time I leave the house. There's really no reason for a fully contoured face when you're only making a quick stop at the bank, and yes: leggings do count as pants (if you style them correctly).


But if my curls are 90 percent frizz or I somehow end up in public wearing sweatpants, damn right I'm gonna be a lot less perky than if everything were in perfect order.

My need to look put-together to feel the same originated a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, in a place commonly known as high school. I distinctly remember walking the halls during my freshman year, my hair always in a frizzy, low bun. I was painfully shy, my eyes constantly fixed on my feet, carefully avoiding eye contact with anyone along my route.

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Then, one day, I straightened my hair — and life's never been the same.

I received countless compliments on my new, sleek straight hair. It felt good to be noticed and admired by people my age for what felt like the first time. I started waking up hours earlier before school every day to straighten my curls and apply makeup.

After a while, I realized that I no longer walked with my head down. I enjoyed making eye contact with people in the halls and sometimes I even smiled at them. Knowing that other people thought I looked good made me feel great. It boosted my confidence and I started treating myself better and allowing myself to open up to others.

Fast forward to today, and it's highly unlikely you'll see me with straight hair. I also rarely wear makeup because it's truly a nightmare to use. But what I still hold dear to my heart is the notion that looking good and feeling good goes hand in hand, always.


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Think about it: how many times have you put on an outfit that technically gets everything right? Maybe it's a dress in a new style you've been dying to try out or a big statement necklace that looks great on your best friend. However, the get-up isn't quite what you're used to. You feel uncomfortable, right? And when you're uncomfortable, it's hard to focus on much else.

The same goes for your hair, your makeup, and everything in between. When everything's cooperating, you start your day off right.

For me, it's just plain easier to be pleasant when I'm not worried about whether or not my lipstick is smeared when I'm meeting someone for the first time, and I'm going to be better company if I'm not constantly tugging at my dress wondering if it's just a little too short.


So, sure, true beauty very well may come from within, but a bad mood starts with what I look like on the outside — and a bad attitude is the most unattractive thing a person can wear.

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Micki Spollen is a YourTango ​editor and entertainment news writer. She also runs the travel blog Where In The World Is My Drink.