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What Men Love: 3 Dating Tips That Will Instantly Turn Him On

What Men Love: 3 Dating Tips That Will Instantly Turn Him On

I haven't been out in the dating scene for a few years, but I have quite a few single gal friends who frequent online dating sites and the bar scene. Their shared tales are enough to make me want to repeat Carrie Fisher's line in When Harry Met Sally: "Tell me I'll never have to be out there again!"

Yes, it's harder than ever to find an honest, consistent gentleman who is looking for partnership and is serious about settling down. However, despite most women's experiences, I'm here to say that these elusive gentlemen absolutely do exist, and they are waiting for you! The key is in knowing what attracts a man to a woman and inspiring them to step up and treat you like the goddess you are. So what attracts a man to a woman? Here are three big factors:


Most women are very appreciative in our hearts. We feel flattered when a man compliments us or shows interest. If the attention and praise is coming from an attractive man, some of us get so excited and caught off guard that we freeze up with nerves and/or question his sincerity. For this reason, most women often forget to express appreciation. We forget to say "thank you." We don't take that extra moment when we're out with a man on a date to look him in the eye, soften our voice, and tell him that he's touched our heart. 

Often we even deflect compliments and acts of kindness and honor. A man will say "You look beautiful tonight," and we rush to compliment him back. Even though men enjoy flattery, they want to feel that their compliments have landed with us and positively affect us. Most men don't know that a woman who doesn't say "thank you" is really just uncomfortable basking in male attention. Usually, a man will take a deflected compliment personally, feeling he doesn't have the power to impress his date with words.

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It doesn't matter how tough you are, softness is about tenderness and vulnerability, and even the loudest gals can be soft in all the right ways! 

What attracts a man to a woman is an extended invitation on her part for him to get to know her on a deeper level. If you are sending men the message that your heart is walled up with barbed wire, you aren't going to inspire men to act like gentlemen. You are going to make them feel challenged and defensive. Keep reading...

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