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About Kristina Marchant

Is Kristina A Good Fit For You?

Is the man you love emotionally distant?  Maybe he runs hot then cold, or maybe he has slowly been distancing himself over time, like driftwood floating out to sea?  If so, you are have something in common with the women who read and follow Kristina Marchant.

It doesn’t matter the stage of your relationship (several weeks fresh, or year into marriage), Kristina helps women who feel unhappy in their relationship and worried that their man has become disenchanted with them…  maybe he’s already admitted to you that he’s less interested, or maybe you have caught him cheating…

How Kristina Can Help You

Through her ebooks, relationship and dating coach Kristina Marchant helps women gain confidence and learn to connect with men on a soulful, honest, safe and sexy level. 

Kristina is open and willing to share her stories of how she lived for years with “romantic egg on her face” (she even lost her husband of 5 years) and how she changed everything around to evolve into one half of a loving and happy couple.

She will help you cope with feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety and fear that are a result of his distancing, and will teach you how to blossom into the goddess you are under all the uncertainty and suffering you currently feel.

It's her mission to help you feel less alone, insecure and afraid.  Her readers and followers consider her to be direct, honest and passionate.  She loves to help women feel empowered and she offers them strength, self-belief and a calming shoulder to lean on when they need it most. 

How She Will Bring Him Closer To You

Right now he is not coming closer because he feels, for whatever reason, disconnected from his love for you.  It’s not about your looks, your smarts, your humor or your sex appeal.  It’s about his emotional connection to you.
If you want to save the relationship, it’s now up to you cultivate this connection and bring him closer to his love for you.

Kristina understands how a man’s feelings operate and how he needs to feel a certain kind of bond with you in order for you to inspire his love and life-long commitment.  Through the techniques, exercises and words of insight laid out in her eBooks, Kristina will take you by the hand and guide you to your man’s deep, passionate and vulnerable feelings for you.  

She will explain why your man doesn’t even understand what he needs, and she’ll show you how to give it to him so that the emotional connection that builds between you both will magnetize his heart and have him feeling like no other woman has unraveled and attracted him the way you have!

Kristina's Background

Kristina has always been fascinated by human behavior. She grew up an only child with lots of lonely alone time on her hands, which made her very eager to understand the human connection she deeply craved.

When she was older, she got a BA in psychology at Barnard College at Columbia University and now has found her way into the romantic-love relationship niche, as a relationship coach who advises women on men and healthy relationship skills.

The decision to focus on dating and relationship advice for women came when she started having problems within her own marriage. Here she was, this well-educated woman who had spent years with her nose in academic books about the science of the human mind, and she couldn’t figure out her own husband’s head … or heart, at all.

Through the wisdom found in powerful books about spirituality and through some strange life experiences, she began to see a light at the end of a painful, soul-searching tunnel. She began to realize that less is more with a man and that a woman should never underestimate the magnetic, hypnotic, intoxicating power of soft, sweet, sexy, fun, female energy.  

Soon she was in the best relationship of her life with a great man who still, to this day, treats her like gold.

By Kristina

She's also the author of two ebooks...

In her best-selling ebook, Red Rose Woman: The Enchantress Inside You, Kristina reveals 27 enchantress secrets to get women owning their Female Fire, and magnetizing men effortlessly!  

The Prism Effect:  How To Get A Man To Love You is her latest ebook!  It's a great introduction into Kristina's coaching style. It's all about how to be a Prism Goddess-- how to take a man's dwindling attention and turn it into a great relationship (Just like how a prism takes light and turns it into a rainbow!) 

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