Top 4 Signs Your Ex Definitely Wants You Back

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Is your ex acting strange? If he is showing these signs, your ex might want you back.

Do you have any idea what are some of the top signs that your ex wants you back? Well, below are some of the signs that you really have to know. When you decide to break up, you are actually setting yourself up for a new start. In that case, nothing will stay like it was when you were in your relationship. Moving on might be very hard. The temptation of getting back together and more so, giving a relationship yet another chance will become more tempting than ever. You could get back together if you are willing although it's not advisable, or you could just forget about it and move on.

Some of the common signs your ex wants you back:

  • Regular awkward calls: If your ex really wants you back, he or she will call you regularly, more than your regular friend. Another thing about this particular sign is that he or she may even call you, hold the phone and mumble something quietly in order to listen to your breathing.
  • Talking a lot about feelings: Exes who are known to have a hard time moving on normally talk about feelings especially with their former partners. Whenever your ex calls you constantly, and he or she is just talking about the old relationship you had, or talks about where you went wrong, or how he or she loved you while you were dating each other, then your ex is definitely trying to get your relationship restored.
  • I miss you: This is considered to be the biggest and most well-known sign that shows that your ex wants you back. If your ex wants you back, he or she is free to tell you that he or she misses you. If your ex usually talks about how he or she misses being with you, spending time with you, etc., then it is probably the right time for you to begin considering if you will get back with your ex.
  • Tying the loose ends: Has your ex ever called you one day and talked about the main mistakes he or she made while you were in your relationship and also how things could have been totally different if he or she could have taken the time to change just for the sake of your relationship? If your ex is trying to show some repentance, or in other words, wants to make you understand that he or she has changed, or if he or she is trying to clarify some unfinished issues from your past relationship, then he or she wants you back.

In conclusion, the above signs are just a few of the top signs that reveal that your ex wants you back and your relationship.