5 Most Popular Reasons Why Men Cheat


Is your man cheating on you? Here are the top 5 reasons why men cheat.

There is no textbook definition that explains to us exactly why is it that men cheat. Different men cheat for different reasons. Some of them do it because they are very unhappy with their wives or girlfriends, while others simply think that it is in their nature and that the human being is not made to be monogamous. Regardless of the reason, infidelity is certainly amongst the leading causes of divorce and scandals all around the world.

Here you will find the top 5 most common reasons why men cheat:

1. They Are Not Satisfied With Their Partner.

One of the main reasons why men choose to cheat on their significant other is because they lack sexual intercourse. This is an important part of every relationship - it may not be a vital one, but it does play an important role. If men are not as sexually active as they would like to be with their partner, then they are tempted to look for it somewhere else. Everything comes down to this basic need, a need that they are trying to satisfy.

Generally speaking, when the lack of sexual satisfaction is the reason, there is no romantic involvement with the person the man cheats with, although this is not a general rule. There needs to be a balance in every relationship, as every good and healthy relationship should couple emotional fulfillment with sexual fulfillment. Imbalanced lead to infidelity, and that is a known fact. Another known fact is both men and women can be cheaters.

2. Revenge.

There is nothing sweeter than revenge, isn't that what they all say? Another common reason why many men choose to cheat is because she cheated on them first, so they feel like they are entitled to pay her back. As immature as this may sound, this reason is actually very common nowadays and most men think that they can be forgiven, now that they will be even. Turning the tables will surely not solve the problem, as a matter of fact it will only make it worse - however, this does not prevent some men from being unfaithful.

3. They Want To Try New Things

As human beings, we always want to try new things just to see what we like and what we don't, both in the bedroom and outside of it. Men who are sexually active and willing to experiment may cheat if their life partner, be it their girlfriend or their wife, is not willing to try a specific erotic fantasy or to satisfy a fetish. In this case, everything comes down to how open minded the couple is.

4. They Simply Cannot Fight It

Some men are strong willed and they can refuse a woman regardless of the circumstances, but others simply cannot resist the temptation, and they go for it. The reasons why this happens are many, but generally men who cannot say "no" to cheating simply lack ambition or determination. Besides, most of them think that their significant other will never find out. One thing is for sure: a man that has given into this sort of temptation once is very likely to do it again in the near future, hoping to get away with it just like he did the first time.

5. Love Is Gone!

Men do not cheat only for sexual purposes. When a man feels emotionally dissatisfied, he tends to look for love somewhere else. This is a very common reason that applies both to men and to women. Despite the fact that women tend to be more emotionally driven than men, men need love and affection as well. If their emotional needs are being overlooked, then they might feel ignored and even depressed. When that happens, they will eventually cheat on their wives or girlfriends.

This goes hand in hand with the lack of reciprocal attraction. When two people become distant and they feel like they can no longer satisfy each other emotionally, they will no longer feel physical attraction either. This can be caused by aging (as the sexual desire diminishes in time) or by repeated arguments in the family. Some couples never lack love and they are happy together, but unfortunately other couples grow more and more distant as the years pass, and sooner or later they end up like two strangers that happen to share the same bed.

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