Trouble Conceiving? Try These Baby Booming Positions

It is easy to presume that it is much easier to conceive nowadays but there are, nonetheless, situations where couples who appear to be prepared can't seem to conceive. There are many reasons as to why pregnancy is hard for some people to achieve, from inadequate sperm count or bad luck. There are people who get pregnant really fast. While some medical experts argue that position does not have anything to do with conception, a number of researches have proved beyond doubt that position does play a vitally important role when one is trying to conceive.

Here are tips to help you conceive:

1. Avoid stress.

Stress is among the most vital factors in conception. When one is stressed, the body discharges hormones that are counterproductive which causes the body to tense, taking away all pleasure from indulging in sex.

2. Deep penetration.

To get pregnant, deep penetration is key. Make sure that there is deep penetration so the sperm is deposited close to the cervical. When the ball of the penis is close the cervix, the distance sperm have to travel will be short making it reach its target destination easily.

3. Force of gravity.

If a woman’s hips are elevated during lovemaking, the man’s sperm will be deposited towards its target destination. Sperm does not have to go against gravity but will be using the force of gravity to help in its ultimate destination.

What are sex positions to help you conceive?

The missionary

The missionary position is one that most popular sex positions and has nothing to do with religion. It’s a position that a vast majority of people will vow by. A combination between the depth of penetration as well as the woman’s position, allows the sperm to be build up near the opening of the cervical. Missionary position offers a number of benefits like communication between a man and a woman as well as intimate touches.

Doggy Style

Another time tested position, and one which most couples are familiar with is the doggy style. The pose is among of the best positions for couple trying to “make a baby” as it allows for a deeper penetration and if the lady rests her head, it will help in increasing the speed of sperm towards the woman’s eggs. Doggy style position requires a woman to be on her knee while resting her head on the bed. The man will then insert from the back thus ensuring that his manhood penetrates as deep as possible into a woman. 


This pose is considered by medical practitioners as one of the best position for conceiving. As the lady lays her back on the man, embracing her from behind, penetration won’t be as deep as missionary or doggy style. The benefit of this position is the relaxation as well as comfort for both partners, maximizing the changes and resulting in the conception achievement.

Cliff hanger

Cliff hanger is another great pose for couples. A female will lay on her back on the rim of the bed, with her legs down on the floor. The guy approaches her from the front position either kneeling or standing and simply penetrates the woman. As the guy can penetrate deeply, the woman ought to caution him to slow down and follow her directives on how deep to penetrate and how swift to thrust.

Side by side position

This position is voted the best to conceive because a man has better access to a woman’s cervix enabling the sperm the swim faster. This pose is done when a female lies on her side and the male penetrates from her back.

After sex tips to help you conceive

Lie down for 20 minutes: Most experts agree that when attempting to conceive, it is a good idea to wait for a while after intercourse before standing up. Standing up soon after intercourse may cause the sperm to leak out. It is highly recommended to wait for 20 minutes after sex before moving around.

Keep sperm inside your vagina longer

Try to keep sperm inside your vagina for as long as you possibly can. You can do these by holding the labia together gently to prevent sperm from spilling. Another method is to place the pillow beneath your pelvis in order to help tilt the body so the sperm can go travel easily.