5 Ways To Tell A One Night Stand: Oops, I'm Pregnant

Stranger things have happened.

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There are times when you might have a one night stand and things turn out the way you may have not expected ... like becoming pregnant. After the incident eats you up for some days, you may decide to tell him that you're pregnant, but you'll be troubled by how to tell him.

First, you'll have a lot of fear, feeling uneasy not knowing what he'll say after breaking the news to him. You should face him with an open mind knowing he may accept the news, or refuse it. Whichever the case, you should inform him — because he's the one responsible.


Here are some ways to tell a one night stand you're pregnant:

1. Avoid rushing into breaking the news to him.

Take your time and decide well. For instance, you should decide either to keep the pregnancy even if he refuses to be responsible. After making a decision, after informing him you'll find life easier, even if you end up receiving negative reactions.

It's unlike a case where you present the news to him and he ends up refusing, where you'll be stressed on how to move on. In some cases, he may receive the news and give you a positive feedback, encouraging you to keep the baby and promising to support you. In such a case you should also be prepared with suitable answers for his questions.


2. Visit the doctor and confirm the results first before approaching him.

This is necessary for you to be sure that you're really pregnant. You'll avoid cases where he ends up referring you to a doctor for you to confirm. After consulting the doctor and your fear is proven to be true, approach him. He may like to know about your plans with the baby, and you should be in a position to tell him what you plan to do, and where you'd like him to help.

3. Call him once you're sure you're pregnant.

After you make your decision to inform him, you may be stressed out by how to reach him. The easiest way to reach him is to call. In case you fear talking to him, send a text message informing him of what you felt the day after sleeping together.


You should also tell him whether you've proven the pregnancy or not. After talking to him, make a point of meeting with him. Plan a meeting over the phone.

4. Get straight to the point.

To avoid cases where he thinks you're kidding, explain the situation without beating around the bush. Show you're serious by planning a meeting in a place where it'll only be you two, like a beach, where you can stroll along the sand.

To avoid creating more tension, which may end up creating unnecessary stress in both of you, start the conversation in a normal way. Then, proceed to explain what happened and how you ended up discovering the pregnancy.

5. Be prepared for any reaction.


After he receives the news about the pregnancy, he can react in different ways. If you were in an open relationship, he may suspect he's not the one responsible. If that happens, explain all the possibilities that make you feel he's the father. In some cases, he may become rowdy, and you should be prepared to handle them.