How Sharing Your Wife With Another Man Increases Her Chances Of Pregnancy

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how to increase chances of pregnancy

Wife sharing (or cuckolding) is one of the most common fantasies among men and it turns out it may actually increase a woman's ability to get pregnant by creating sperm competition syndrome. In fact, it's how to increase chances of pregnancy, and if done correctly, it won't create an incredible amount of friction in your marriage or relationship.

Sperm competition is actually a term used to define the process of fertilizing a woman's egg with sperm from two or more people. This type of competition usually occurs when a woman is interested in a wife sharing relationship with multiple male partners, which increases the chance of conceiving a child from the variety of mates. Some women begin sexual relationships with multiple mates if her partner is not potent enough to produce children.

Research shows that sperm count increases considerably in men who share their wives sexually with others.

This intense sexual pleasure is be enjoyed by the people who are interested in cuckolding relationship. The feeling of sexual enhancement encourages competition (sperm competition syndrome) between the two or more individuals having sex with the same woman in the wife sharing relationship.

The pressure from sperm competition syndrome compels men to allow their wife or partner to have multiple male mates in order to produce children successfully. The internal process resembles a raffle: the man with more tickets (sperm) has a higher chance of winning (getting the woman pregnant).

But the success in sperm competition depends solely upon the potential of the man to produce sperm in large quantities, which is not easy. On the other hand, the overuse of sharing sperm with many women (in order to increase chances of pregnancy) can reduce their number of sperm.

If it were possible for men to produce sperm at a faster rate to fertilize a woman's egg (and win the raffle), there would be no need to enter into a wife sharing relationship.

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