6 Interesting Sex Games For Couples Who Want To Get A Little Raaaaunchy

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fun sex games

For a couple to be a happy couple, you need to try and engage in sex games which will make the process of lovemaking really enjoyable. You might be wondering how you can introduce sex games into your relationship, yet you have never participated in the games before. 

Actually, it is very easy for you to start doing fun sex games. What you need to do is to try and learn about the sex games and then find one that is suitable and engage in. Here are some fun sex games for couples:

1. Exchange each other’s clothes.

You can really enjoy your time together as a couple after you decide to try each other’s clothes. What you will have to do is to try and strip naked. After you have stripped naked in front of your wardrobes you will enjoy the great time where you will be trying on each other's clothes. In case you try the underwear, it will be really funny.

2. Act as a doctor and a nurse.

In this fun sex game, you can decide to dress like a nurse and a doctor and try to convince one of you to have sex. It is a simple game but it will bring a lot of fun to your relationship. While playing the game try as much as possible to convince each other.

3. Ask each other sexy questions.

This is among sex games that you can decide to play in your relationship. In this fun sex game, you have to cover each other in dark places where you will get intimate, then start asking each other intimate questions. This is a game that will make you enjoy your time together. It is an opportunity where you will easily access your time for you to ask each other disturbing questions about your intimacy.

4. Play drunk.

While you're drunk there are different things that you can do which are really funny. Just pretend you are drunk in front of your partner. After you have approached your partner, try to share secrets or ask for things that you will hardly ask when you are sober. This will make you stay romantic while with your partner.

5. Have a massage and body paint.

You can decide to let your boyfriend have a massage where you will use edible body paints. After you have massaged the body of your boyfriend, you can end up in the shower together. This is a simple sex game that will make you spend enough time together while relaxing.

6. Read an erotic book and try to act out the characters.

There are many erotic books available with different funny characters. In case there is a character that you really admire in a certain erotic book, then you need to read that book while with your partner. After you have read the book, try to explain to your partner then try to act the characters. This will equip you with necessary ideas which will turn your free time into an adventurous event where you will always live to admire.