How To Get Your Ex To Chase YOUR Tail

Get him back

Want your Ex to chase you back? Follow my advice and you will see results

Want Your Ex-Boyfriend Back? Do This!

Hi Ladies, I want to enlighten you on the REAL way to get your ex back. I want to give you your best shot to get him back home, without the bulljust the method!

I’m Gregg, and let’s just say I have the #1 best-selling book on Amazon to get your ex back fast! Having your doubts? I don’t blame you, just go to Amazon and read the 145+ reviews.

There is nothing you can do directly right now, he needs time for his (and your) contempt to dissipate. But indirectly, there are a ton of things for you to do!

Get crazy busy, chase new passions and meet new people. Get outside of your comfort zone. Rally your closest friends. Fill your cup with new activities and adventures. Do your confidence building steps! (They are in my book below) Keep breaking your routine wherever and whenever possible. Why do all this?

The reasons are three-fold:

1. Your ex-boyfriend will have a weak momentmost men do, and if he sees a happy and confident ex-lover, he might capitulate. You see, guys hate to lose their stuffit’s in our DNA to keep our stuff and YOU are part of our stuff. Sorry if that offends you but it’s true! So now all of a sudden, through the power of social media, he starts seeing you with new people and having new fun, and yes, with new and cute guys … he freaks! This makes him re-think the break and starts to remind him of all the great memories. Memories are strongdon’t underestimate them. The challenge returns to the early days and his testosterone kicks in again and he contacts you! Then it really gets funthis is all covered if you dare to read my best seller!

2. Secondly, after doing my confidence building program, you become a super high value woman and you might realize that you deserve better and you don’t want his lame-ass back. I have had hundreds, yes hundreds, of women come to this very conclusion after following my madness! And the irony? He wants YOU back even more!

3. Hey, maybe too many bad things were said and the love is gone. If he doesn't come back, then you will be in a much better position to move on with your new social network in place and your confidence soaring! Guys are attracted to this confidence and they come running. Now, all of sudden, you have surrounded yourself with choice and comparison. You become a challenge. This gets you setting boundaries and choosing what’s right for younot settling for what’s right for him! This is a win/win/win for you.

The hard part? And it’s hard, is to take all the crying and loneliness you are now feeling and re-allocating this energy towards the metamorphosis I am talking about! The book is, “Get Your Ex Back Fast: Toy With Male Psyche and Get Him Back with Skills only a Dating Coach Knows.”

Now let’s take one last bite of your Rocky Road ice cream, wipe off the tears, and get your ex-boyfriend back!