5 Adorable Ways To Bring Passion Back To Your Relationship

cute couple.

Here are five adorable ways to bring the spark back to your relationship!

It is common for relationships to have plateaus, valleys, and peaks.  The question is what can we do to bring more sparks to our relationships so those plateaus and valleys are shorter.

Here is a tried and true list that has worked for both my client’s and I.

1. Be spontaneous.

Get out of your routine.  When our lives get busy and it feels like we are doing the same thing every day, it feel like we are in a rut.  Where is the excitement that just seeing my partner used to give me? Take your partner on a surprise vacation, go scuba diving, go to the theater.  New things will make the relationship feel new again.

2. Give your partner your full, undivided attention.

In our busy lives we are constantly bombarded by our jobs, the phone, TV, children, friends, the internet.  So many of us are constantly multitasking.  Make a rule that works for you.  For two hours each evening and more on the weekends set time aside to just be with each other. 

3. Speak words of affection and affirmations.

It is easy to take our partners for granted and for us to start feeling unloved.  Let your partner know you appreciate them tell them they are beautiful, funny or you enjoy their cooking.  Often, it is a two way street and you will get back what you are giving.

4. Bring romance back.

I know, some people are saying we never had any romance to begin with.  Well, bring it back anyway.  You can Google how to bring romance into a relationship and you will get many ideas or simply think about what your partner might enjoy.  A candle lit dinner by the sea, picnic at the park, a hot air balloon ride or rose petals leading up to the bedroom.  It lets your partner know you care.

5. Communicate.

It is essential to keep communication open and honest if you plan to stay connected.  Don’t let frustrations, resentments and angers build.  Talk about these feelings right away in a non-argumentative fashion without yelling.

 If you don't they will build and you wont even know why you are so annoyed with your significant other. Never go to sleep angry.  Make each new day a fresh slate, where love can blossom. 

Here are five things you can do to bring the spark back.  If you need more help, a fun book to read with your spouse is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. This book can help you continue the journey and bring passion to your love life.

Brent Berman has a holistic psychotherapy practice in Jupiter, Fl.  He believes in changing the world one smile at a time.