How The Halo Effect Is Ruining Your Chances With Women

How The Halo Effect Is Ruining Your Chances With Women

Has this ever happened to you:

You meet a pretty girl. You somehow start talking to her. And proceed to make a complete fool of yourself because you’re nervous, feel tongue tied and try way too hard to impress her even if you don't know how to attract women?

It’s okay, I have too.

What’s going on here? Have you ever asked yourself the question, "How to attract women?" Are we just needy insecure guys who never grew up past 8th grade or is there something else at work?  There is: the Halo Effect. Incidentally, not being aware of the Halo Effect will make us act like needy insecure guys who never grew up past 8th grade. But as in all things, knowledge is freedom. Here’s how to do it:

Researchers have discovered that when we see someone we find attractive, we automatically endow them with other attractive qualities, without any proof they have those qualities. It’s why pretty people are paid more than average looking people. It’s also why girls assume that the latest heart throb is also an amazing lover, wildly romantic, and can speak 10 languages fluently while making them a perfect crème brulee from scratch.

How do you battle against this automatic and powerful process in your brain so you can act like a confident, composed man of high self esteem? By using another automatic and even more powerful counter attack: Curiosity.

Curiosity may have finally killed the cat, but only after he enjoyed satisfying his curiosity in all his 9 lives… Curiosity is normal. As soon as you see something beautiful, interesting or intriguing, your brain instantly becomes curious. And in the absence of information your brain will make it up. It goes like this:

When you see a woman who is beautiful, your brain is going to tell you she is also:

Smart, Has high self esteem, full of confidence, has dozens of guys blowing up her phone every day and dropping rose petals at her feet as she walks and she drives a brand-new Bentley her NBA star ex-boyfriend pays for because he’s still in love with her,

She becomes, in a word: unobtainable.

However, you can stop all that before the train starts down the track. The answer is to be curious. Curious about who she really is beyond her beauty. In a word, curious about her values.

Let’s take my (ridiculous) example above;

If I were to meet a girl who was super hot and we started talking, I might say something like:

“You know, the moment I saw you I had this impression that you’re smart, full of self esteem, confident, honest and probably drive a Bentley your NBA star ex boyfriend  pays for because he’s still in love with you. How close am I in attracting the woman I love?"

This is devastatingly good because:

1. You’re being honest. And as mother always said, honesty is the best policy.

2. She’s flattered by the compliments and accepts them by virtue of the last ridiculous comment.

3. She feels mildly embarrassed because you’ve been open and as a result there’s a subtle bonding that takes place. NOTE: this bonding takes place because of the vulnerability that comes from feeling embarrassed. It works IF you show you aren’t embarrassed. In other words, that it’s okay for her to “go there” with you. Make sense?

And it goes without saying that this is not to be exploited. The point is not to embarrass her; that’s a natural consequence. And used to build solidarity between the two of you.

4. By ending with a question, you share her vulnerability by allowing her easy access to respond. If you didn’t end with a question, it’s like you gave her a conversational misshapen hot potato that she doesn’t really know what to do with. Because obviously your conversation with her is not one she’s had with many people, so she’s not really sure how to respond. That’s why you make it easy for her by ending with a question.

How do you use this? Just notice the first (ridiculous) assumptions you make about her and tell them to her. In a light hearted way that exposes your own ridiculousness.

You might wonder, what if she isn’t amused? If she’s not amused, then the Halo Effect has been conquered. And for me, I’m no longer interested, and avoid making a tongue tied fool of myself trying to impress a girl I wouldn’t like anyway. Any woman that:

a. Is not smart enough to understand the question


b. too serious or full of herself or ignorant to find it funny

is not the kind of girl I want to talk to.

You see, the point in conversation isn’t to “game her.” Instead, it’s to find out if you’re really interested, without being taken in by her good looks and assuming the rest. That way you can be yourself with her, without feeling like she’s out of your league.

Of course, if you don’t like the above idea, you don’t have to use it. You can go an easier route. Instead of telling her your ridiculous and embarrassing assumptions, you can use those assumptions to ask questions.

By the way, questions are intoxicating. Who doesn’t like talking about themselves? So to use this method, do this:

1. You see a beautiful girl.

2. You start talking to her.

3. You ask questions that inform whether she is the kind of person you are interested in.

Think of her beauty as getting her in the door. After that, she has to show some credentials. The credentials that line up with your values.

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