5 Breakup Tips To Avoid Drama


Breaking up with your partner requires the 'F' word: finesse.

A lot of break up advice has to do with avoiding a breakup in the first place. But anyone who is a realist knows that some relationships aren't only not meant to be, they really shouldn't have ever been. It is because of this that break up advice must also include tips on how to sever ties with someone you're dating. Break up advice can, of course, involve a variety of tips, including how to know when you should end a relationship as well as how to survive heartbreak. But one of the topics of break up advice that isn't largely covered is in regards to the actual art of the breakup itself.

Breakups are painful, even devastating under some circumstances. Because they involve the fragility of the human ego, sometimes how you break up with someone can mean the difference between them accepting their fate or materializing into a human version of TNT and showing you that they definitely — and I mean definitely — know drama. So, when you decide to end a relationship, be sure to be gentle, and keep the following break up tips in mind:

  1. Do It In Person: Sometimes, breaking up with someone in person isn't always possible. If you're in a long-distance relationship or they are out of town for the next three months, a face-to-face breakup isn't always plausible. But if you can break up in person, you should. It shows that — while you might not necessarily love the other person — you at least respect them.
  2. Advertise With Caution: This bit of break up advice applies largely to social media. While it's fine to write on Facebook that your relationship has ended, you must be sure to apply two key things: do it with tact, and make sure that the other party actually knows you've broken up before advertising. Breaking up with someone on Facebook isn't only juvenile, but it's not likely to do you any favors. The instant the opposite sex hears that you end unions via social media, you won't exactly be turned into a hot commodity.
  3. Bad Mouth Appropriately: Bad mouthing an ex is almost a rite of passage, like begging your parents to take you driving the second you get your learner's permit. But bad mouthing isn't risk free, and this is why you need to be sure that you bad mouth to the appropriate people. A girl bad mouthing her ex to a group of friends is to be expected, but bad mouthing him to a new date isn't only a turn off, but it also paints a picture of bitterness.
  4. Let Them Go: There are different tiers on the breakup ladder; you can decide to spend some time apart, or you can call it quits forever. If you decide on the latter, and you are the one who has instigated the break up, then it's only right to let your ex go. Sending them mixed signals, calling them constantly, or refusing to give back their electronic toothbrush are all mired in a big ol' pot of unfairness.
  5. Don't Attack: The final piece of break up advice has to do with what you say when you end things. Attacking your partner — blaming them for having a wandering eye, for not communicating, for being the reason there is always so much conflict in the Middle East — isn't largely conducive to any conversation. If you are trying to repair things, talking about each other's role in the relationship's struggles is appropriate. But if you are trying to end things, attacking your ex is hurtful and largely unnecessary.

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