Five Great Places To Have Your Second Date

The key to a good first date is getting to know each other.  What makes him laugh?  What did she study in college?  Where do you see yourself in five years?  But the second date is about seeing how you two would work together.  A restaurant is great for conversation.  For date 2, try one of these fun and fresh locales to see how you two mesh, outside the context of a forced first date.

1) Museums
A museum is a great place to see how conversation might really flow between you two.  Casually strolling around, people watching, and an appreciation for the finer things.  What could be better?  As you two aimlessly meander through the huge hallways of a local museum, you can hone in on what really matters to the other.  Maybe he’s secretly an artist, or she has a passion for history.  The chances for conversation here are endless.

2) Movies
Maybe you two can go see the newest comedy.  A similar sense of humor is a great indicator of compatibility.  Face it, if you’re stuck for the next 50 years with somebody who can’t make you crack a smile, your relationship is doomed.  And if the movie is more serious, it opens the floor to potential discussions about ideologies, philosophies, theories, and other important sounding words.  This is a chance to get down to deeper matters than an alma mater, or favorite rap artist.  With great discussion comes a great connection; don’t underestimate this power!

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