7 Wrongs Don't Make A Right When Choosing A Partner


Wanting it to work, and accepting bad treatment prior to marriage is a huge part of divorce after.

The high divorce rate means thousands of singles are out looking for a perfect match for a committed relationship. The problem is, many times they begin dating the same type of person they were married to for years. It's as if they've developed a pattern and they continue going back to the same type of person time and time again. The chance of failing a second time is higher than the first time, and if you continually choose the same type of person, you will continue having the same broken relationship.

There are signs you can pick up on early in the first few dates that scream this is not a match made in Heaven. Avoiding the pain, lies, games and emotional turmoil that come along with these failing relationships is possible if you pay attention and find out specifics about why you are drawn to the same types of people. 

Signs to look for:

1. If this person shows little interest in getting to know you after more than two or three dates.

2. If this person has no close friends. People who are giving and caring have close friends.

3. If they lack insight into what they say or do. If they act surprised when someone is affected by something they say, negative or positive, this is a sign they lack insight of their own actions. 

4. If this person cannot express how they feel about emotions, thoughts or beliefs. Communication is the number one predictor of happiness in a relationship. You must be able to communicate.

5. If this person cannot say they are sorry or admit to making mistakes. Do you want to be with someone that thinks they are right all the time?

6. If this person cannot respect or tell you what they appreciate about you.

7. If this person has no desire for a relationship, but only for sex, it is time to move on.

Who you live with or marry is one of the most important decisions in all of life. No matter how many times most of us hear it, we have an inside desire or belief that we will change our partner. We change by accepting or not accepting our partner's behavior. Many people struggle with the weakness of having at least one of the seven behaviors listed above, but if you find yourself dating someone who has more than two or three, it would be in your best interest to move on. Part of moving forward after a breakup is learning who you are again and ensuring the seven qualities listed aren't a part of who you are or what you're looking for. If you want a faithful life partner and/or committed long-term relationship, make sure you are ready to be that type of partner for someone.

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