The 5 Best Places To Meet Men

The 5 Best Places To Meet Men [EXPERT]

If you feel like you're running out of places to meet men, fear not! We've compiled a list of the five best places for you single ladies to meet good men for your consideration.

However, before we dig into the "where" and "how" of meeting good men, know that it's time to take this dating challenge to a deeper level. You see, among the biggest obstacles in dating are having beliefs that feel like absolute truths. And, of course, these beliefs are based on your experiences.

That said, it's important to know that these beliefs are not the 100% absolute truth in most cases. If you choose to hold on to these beliefs as your absolute truth, then it will eventually limit your lifestyle, your date-ability and ultimately your results. Some of your limiting beliefs may be:

  • There are no good men in my town. (Women believe this is true whether they're from Fargo, Miami or Sioux City.)
  • It's hard to meet men.
  • The good men are taken.

If you're willing to let go of those beliefs and become open to the "ease" of meeting good men, then get ready to meet them because they are actually everywhere!

1. Sports bars. Football season is in full swing and a Sunday or Monday night at a regular sports bar will be teeming with single guys out with friends supporting their teams of choice. But this doesn't mean they won't have time to focus on a lovely single lady such as yourself. So grab your wing-girls, wear a jersey if you have a team to support and enjoy a girl's night out with the boys.

2. Coffee shops. Whether he's a regular or just in the neighborhood for a cup of joe, coffee shops are a great place to meet men. Typically, a coffee shop is an intimate space and striking up a conversation isn't too difficult. Also, if it's a regular destination spot on a Saturday for both him and you, it will be even easier to start up a chat.

The "we have to stop meeting like this" flirtatious comment can be the perfect conversation starter and since it takes a human seeing another person five times to feel good about approaching, consistency is key! Find a corner spot at your favorite coffee shop on Saturday mornings and make it part of your routine. The possibilities are endless! Continue reading ...

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