7 Reasons Why Women Need Testosterone

7 Reasons Why Women Need Testosterone [EXPERT]

Testosterone is a hormonal chemical mainly associated with men. However, women produce testosterone as well. Testosterone is very good for the female body. Sure, women will need it if they are trying to tone their bodies. But, research has revealed much more about this so-called male hormone.

Testosterone production is substantially lower in women than it is in men. After puberty, a woman begins to produce an adult level of testosterone. The production is split between the ovaries and the adrenal glands. In men, the testes produce testosterone. Women produce just a fraction of the amount of testosterone each day that men do. Here are seven ways testosterone can impact the life of a woman:

1. Weight lifting increases levels of testosterone in women. This helps to build muscle mass without the fear of "bulking up." Couples who workout together report having improved sex lives. Your repetition range for these exercises should be between 3-5. You would typically do 4-5 sets of each exercise. Rotate heavy lifting days with light lifting days. Do circuit weight training with the lighter weights, with little or no rest between sets. 25 Tips To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

Women burn more fat by increasing exercise-induced growth hormone. Growth hormone is also important for building muscle. Intense circuit weight training and interval cardio workouts will increase growth hormone levels in the body.

 Paul Carpenter is a consultant in endocrinology and health informatics research in Rochester, Minnesota. He has practiced in endocrinology, with a special interest in hormone replacement, for 25 years. He has addressed many questions about the role of testosterone in women. The next five pointers are taken from Carpenter's research. 

2. Testosterone helps maintain muscle and bone mass, in women, and contributes to their sex drive. If you give testosterone replacement to testosterone deficient women, they often feel better, but are not specific as to how.

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