Get Out of a Relationship Rut


Your relationship has lost its luster but it hasn't lost its hope.

Life can really drag a relationship through the mud. You can think that you have the best relationship in the world, until one day you wake up and realize that you haven't really been in love with your partner for awhile. You then start to wonder, "Is there more to a relationship than this?"

The answer to this question is that yes, there is more to a relationship than you are experiencing right now.

Relationship are susceptible to the rigorous woes of life. The busyness of everyone's world can really make it hard to work on a relationship the way that it needs to be worked on.

While this is good reasoning for the deadness of a relationship, it's not an excuse. You don't have to allow your love life to disappear just so you can create a successul career and raise healthy, bright children. Instead, you can recapture the love you once had for your partner and create a life that is fulfilling and satisfying.

All you need to know is how to do it and once you know that - you'll be on your way to a long life of love and happiness.

Pay Attention to Your Relationship

Start with paying more attention to your relationship. It's easy to forget about it and treat your spouse more like a roommate than a lover.

Come home and greet your spouse with a huge hug and expell the day's tension in your lovers arms. Take comfort in the fact that he is there for you and you are there for him.

Sweeten It Up

Each day, do one thing while you are away from your partner that makes him smile. This could be an extra sweet text, email or just a phone call to say that you love him. Bring something home that you know he likes, it could be as simple as a candy bar or a cupcake from the office party.

Make Time for One-to-One

Sometimes couples cross paths - as one partner goes to work, the other comes home. There isn't time to sit down and converse about the day. Just because you aren't physically together, don't mean you can't connect.

Call on your way home from work before your partner goes off to work to talk about the day. Take time out of your lunch break to call and see how your partner is doing and catch up on the day's happenings.

While it may not seem like there is much time to connect on an emotional level, you can always squeeze time in when it's a priority.

Make Quality Time

You may spend every evening with your partner but that doesn't mean you have quality time with him.

Dating doesn't end when you enter into a long-term relationship or marriage. You should always date your partner because that this the quality time that made you first fall in love with him.

Take out some time to go with your partner, or do something different at home. The more creative you get, the funner it will be and the more time there is to reignite that lost lost.

Make Sparks Fly

You and your partner have chemistry or you wouldn't be together. It's time to make that chemistry start sparking again with more physical interaction.

Sex is always a great way to close the gap between distant couples. However, it doens't stop there. While your partner is talking, softly touch his arm, shoulder, or thigh to show that you are being attentive. When your partner is stressed, give him a back massage. Do things that involve touch and you'll soon feel the intensity of the feelings you thought were gone appear.

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