Why Your Ex Lover Won't Come Back


Tried everything to contact your ex? But not a single response find out why they ignore you.

So you have tried about everything you could imagine to try and get your ex lovers attention again, all you wanted was one more chance right.

They won't even give you the respect to text back or pick up your phone calls, some of you may have even been blocked by your ex.

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Why your ex lover has rejected you so harshly?

Well they have made up their minds and put their emotions in a box a safe locked away deep down, somewhere so deep that nothing you can say right now will make them reach that safe.

If your not getting to your ex lovers emotional buttons then your failing and you'll loose them forever.

Do you want to lose your best friend for ever? The possibility of never holding or smiling with that person again?

The reality is, if you keep chiseling away at them like you have been, you will lose them for life and they will never want anything to do with you again.

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Aren't you exhausted by now? Trying all types of different approaches to get their attention, it seems a bit desperate and your not that type.

I get I totally get it, your hurt. The pain of walking in to the house realizing your alone, that you won't be getting a how was your day text/phone call, or even being able to just cuddle up on the couch with them.

The pain of the un known is your best friend/lover in bed with someone else right now?

Are they feeling what I am?

Do they miss me?

Why did this happen?

How can I fix this?

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Stop loosing sleep, no longer fight a battle you're going to lose, have the right tools to get to their emotional safe they have inside of them, use these tools to pull your back.

Their is always a chance to change something, but you have to go at it the right way first, because if you don't you'll end up alone in bed always wondering what if i tried something different.

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