The Secret Strategy To Getting Your Ex Back


Ever wonder why some relationships get restored? But you just can't seem to restore your own?

When pulling a ex lover back in to your life, it takes time. It's like carrying a carton of eggs: You don't just toss them in the cart. You open the container up, make sure they aren't broken and then you carefully place the eggs in the cart.

The same goes for breakups.

How bad do you want to fix this?

Do you sigh when you see other couples walking together?

Do you sleep on the couch, because the bed reminds you to much of your lover?

Do you avoid the places you both use to eat at, hide from your friends that you made together, cry yourself to sleep at night?

Why live with that pain and hurt, when you can restore this broken relationship.

You just have overlooked and important step in the process of restoring.

This is why most people fail and will never get a second shot at lover again. 

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