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Want Him To FINALLY Ask You Out? Stop Making These 6 Mistakes

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Do you feel like you never get asked out? Never the one who gets chatted up by the cute guy?

It's hard to get asked out or chatted up if you don’t know what you're doing or saying that's putting him off. You may think you're giving off the right signals, but do you know how men are interpreting your behavior?

Here are common mistakes you DON'T want to make:

1. You Act Like You're Not Interested

Are you afraid of looking desperate or making a fool of yourself? Chances are you're not, but these very thoughts will keep you single every time.

When you act like you’re not interested, men see you as too much work.

2. You Pretend You Have It All Together

Great social life, happy family, good career and the nice house  your life looks perfect on the outside. But there's just that one thing missing ... a boyfriend. You that you're OK with it, but, deep down, you feel like you're missing out.

If this is your situation, share with others that you would genuinely like to meet someone. Get out there and meet men!

3. You Seem A Little Uptight

You come across as the girl who's too serious, can’t have a laugh and needs to chill out. You've often been told by others that you're hard to get to know, or they describe you as a closed book. But really you’re the type who just takes longer to get to know.

Try to share something about yourself, loosen up and let your lighter side show. He wants to get to know you. He wants to know what you’re all about, and he wants to see you’re unique side. Let him.

4. You Always Say You're Too Busy

Fabulous career, lots of hobbies, always on the move  you're a busy girl. But here's the problem: "Busy” to the guy who wants to get to know you means, “You're not important in my life. I don’t have time for you. I'm not interested. You're in my way.”

Always being busy doesn't make someone attracted to you, it makes them feel unwanted. When you don’t give someone your time, they assume you're not interested.

5. You're Very Attractive, But Don't Act Available

It's a common complaint by women who are attractive that men don’t approach them. If this is your problem, turn and smile towards a man you find attractive and go talk to him.

Don’t let your greatest assets be your obstacle towards finding love. Show him your vulnerable side and allow him to see the personality underneath the picture — sharing your fears and weak points can put a man at ease with you.

6. You Try To Be One Of The Boys

Men find what is opposite to them attractive, so trying to match guys drink for drink, talking like a man and acting like a man will put you in the dreaded 'friend zone' every time. Don't be afraid to show your most powerful resource — your feminine side. Wouldn’t you rather have him weak at knees for you instead of challenging you to a drinking contest?

If you want to get asked out by men, be open, friendly and make time for him. Beware of the signals you're sending.

If you do this, men will find you interesting, attractive and lovable, and getting chatted up will become easy for you.

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