The Huge Mistake Strong Women Make That Keeps Them Single

Don't let your strongest attributes become your downfall.

Last updated on May 29, 2024

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As a strong, successful, savvy woman, do you ever feel like men are intimidated by you? Do you simply not get approached by men?  You'd think that being attractive and successful would make finding a guy you're interested in easy for you. 

Sadly, the opposite is true in the dating world. A lot of strong, successful women really struggle to find love. Ever wonder why you're successful but still single? Here's why: Strong, successful women tend to describe themselves as independent, go-getters, direct and confident. They know what they want and know exactly how to get it themselves.


In fact, most empowered women confess that they feel they would do a better job themselves, rather than depend on anyone else to do it. They're quite adept at taking on any challenge. They're firm in their opinions and they know they can influence others without saying a word. Although all these traits are personal strengths, they're also the biggest problem when it comes to independent women's ability to attract men who meet their standards. 

Strong, successful, savvy women want a man who can stand up to them, be the man in the relationship, and not whimper away when they call him out. She wants a man who can take her and make her feel loved and cared for while allowing her to keep her independent nature.


The huge mistake strong women make that keeps them single

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This kind of woman is the most misunderstood woman in the world. She really craves love like everybody else, but she needs to know how to embrace, understand, and enjoy her natural gift of feminine energy. Feminine energy is creative, intuitive, loving, free-spirited, nurturing, and spontaneous; it's a receptive energy. Masculine energy is more aggressive, impatient, logical, driven, and goal-setting. It's a proactive energy. 

Strong women, over years of attending the school of hard knocks for various reasons, are good at tapping into their masculine energy and have very little comprehension, wisdom, or desire to embrace the feminine energy because they don’t really know what it is.

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Strong women think feminine energy is a weakness. Feminine energy is one of the most misunderstood concepts ever. Whenever I introduce empowered women to feminine energy, they automatically fight me. They believe feminine energy means acting like a damsel in distress who can’t do anything for herself and needs a man to hold her hand. 

No, no, no. That's NOT feminine energy. Feminine energy is enjoying and embracing the fact that they're women and that they have the only weapon men have a weakness for. 

Men are attracted to femininity, and women are the only creatures on earth who can give them this beautiful energy.

Let's say you want a guy, but he's not making the effort you expect. It's possible he's intimidated by your professional attitude in relationships. You're direct about what you want, so you ask him out and tell him where you want to go but get insulted when he offers to pay for the meal. The mistake you're making is that you ignore the fact that men aren't attracted to aggressive energy in their female partners. 


So when you confuse the dynamics of feminine and masculine energy, you've taken over the man’s role in the relationship. The guy then ends up walking away because you're more stressful than fun.

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You, the strong successful woman will feel like you always have to hint about what you want. He'll ask you all the time about what to do. You'll feel unsatisfied in the relationship because you will feel like you have to spell it for him. You'll feel like he doesn’t get you, he doesn’t make a move on you and he doesn’t stand up to you. You’ll feel frustrated and he won't fulfill your needs as a woman. 


The lesson here is this: Acting masculine in your relationship is NEVER going to get you what you want. So, if you want to keep your strong, successful woman persona, and not remain single, just remember to understand and embrace feminine energy in your relationships.

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Lorna Poole is an international coach and professional speaker. She empowers women to love beyond fear, pain, and regret to attract the partner they truly deserve.