Put A Positive Spin On Divorce With A Fabulous Party


The best way to move on is to throw a fabulous party with friends.

The media has been all abuzz about Demi Moore's possible survivor-themed divorce party. It appears that her divorce is close to being finalized with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher, and she might be in the mood for celebrating. Divorce parties are be a popular way to move on after a breakup, and with good reason! It's a great idea to inject a little lightheartedness into such a stressful time. As a divorce party planner, I am happy that people have found a way to help move past such a difficult time with positivity and a little fun as well.

When you end a marriage, you need to mark the day. It's an important step in your life. In fact, it's as important as the day you got married. A divorce party is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your freedom and move toward a healthy, new life.  Here are some divorce party planning tips:

If you’re looking to celebrate your divorce, my book “The Divorce Ritual” is full of tips.

1. Plan your party: Where to start? It's great to find a theme for your divorce party. This way, it becomes more memorable and significant. You can host a soiree at your home, or you can have a fun destination event in a place like Vegas with a bunch of your friends.

2. Make your guest list: Put together a list of all of the friends and family who have really been there for you during the divorce. Some people also invite their ex, but that's up to you. It certainly depends on how things ended.

3. Capture it on video: You probably did a wedding video, so you should also do a divorce party video. Capture all the fun, excitement and promise of a new life!

4. Perform my "divorce rituals": I always incorporate my divorce rituals into every divorce party.  They are fun activities that all of your guests can enjoy. For example, you can do a ritual called "The Ties that Bind," where the divorcee cuts as many suit ties down the middle as the number of years she was married.

5. Slice the cake: You cut the wedding cake when you got married. Now it's time to cut the divorce cake and finalize things. Pick your favorite flavor and don't worry about anyone smashing cake in your face.

6. Have a toast: Everybody likes to have a champagne toast to mark a special event, so raise your glass and say, "Here's to a great life!"

For more divorce rituals, pick up my book “The Divorce Ritual.”

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